Christopher M. Faulkner
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Rebel funding and child soldiers: Exploring the relationship between natural resources and forcible recruitment
R Haer, CM Faulkner, BE Whitaker
European Journal of International Relations 26 (1), 236-262, 2020
Give them toys? Military allocations and regime stability in transitional democracies
J Powell, C Faulkner, W Dean, K Romano
Democratization, 1-20, 2018
Mutiny in Côte d'Ivoire
R Schiel, CM Faulkner, J Powell
Africa Spectrum 52 (2), 103-115, 2017
Funding, capabilities and the use of child soldiers
CM Faulkner, J Powell, T Lasley
Third World Quarterly 40 (6), 1017-1039, 2019
Unwelcomed? The effects of statelessness on involuntary refugee repatriation in Bangladesh and Myanmar
C Faulkner, S Schiffer
The Round Table 108 (2), 145-158, 2019
Rebel fragmentation and the recruitment of child soldiers
CM Faulkner, AC Doctor
International Studies Quarterly 65 (3), 647-659, 2021
Money and Control Rebel Groups and the Forcible Recruitment of Child Soldiers
CM Faulkner
African Security 9 (3), 2016
Buying Peace? Civil War Peace Duration and Private Military & Security Companies
CM Faulkner
Civil Wars 21 (1), 83-103, 2019
Undermining Democracy and Exploiting Clients: The Wagner Group’s Nefarious Activities in Africa
C Faulkner
CTC Sentinel 15 (6), 28-37, 2022
Violence at Sea: How Terrorists, Insurgents and Other Extremists Exploit the Maritime Domain
M Curran, C Faulkner, C Bell, T Lycan, M Van Ginkel, J Benson
https://stableseas.org/publications/violence-sea-terrorist-insurgents, 2020
Mutiny in Africa, 1950–2018
R Schiel, J Powell, C Faulkner
Conflict Management and Peace Science 38 (4), 481-499, 2021
The Emergence of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the Effectiveness of US Counterterrorism Efforts.
CM Faulkner, DH Gray
Global Security Studies 5 (1), 2014
Reassessing private military and security company (PMSC)‘competition ‘in civil war: lessons from Sierra Leone
CM Faulkner, JE Lambert, JM Powell
Small Wars & Insurgencies 30 (3), 641-659, 2019
Making Waves: Militant Maritime Operations Along Africa's Eastern Coast
T Lycan, C Faulkner, AC Doctor
https://warontherocks.com/2020/11/making-waves-militant-maritime-operations …, 2020
Democracy and public goods revisited: Local institutions, development, and access to water
RE Schiel, BM Wilson, M Langford, CM Faulkner
The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 25 (2), 237-259, 2023
Rebel child soldiering and conflict-related sexual violence
CM Faulkner, B Welsh
International Studies Quarterly 66 (4), sqac073, 2022
The human right to water and sanitation: Using natural language processing to uncover patterns in academic publishing
CM Faulkner, JE Lambert, BM Wilson, MS Faulkner
Water 13 (24), 3501, 2021
Wagner’s Head is Dead, Now Bury the Body
M Plichta, C Faulkner, R Parens
FPRI: Foreign Policy Research Institute, 2023
Niger's Pivot to Moscow: What's Next for US Engagement in Africa?
R Parens, C Faulkner, M Plichta
< bound method Organization. get_name_with_acronym of< Organization: Foreign …, 2024
Revisiting Coup Contagion
C Faulkner, J Johnson, J Powell
FPRI: Foreign Policy Research Institute, 2023
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