Charles F. Delwiche
Charles F. Delwiche
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A plastid of probable green algal origin in Apicomplexan parasites
S Köhler, CF Delwiche, PW Denny, LG Tilney, P Webster, RJM Wilson, ...
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CF Delwiche
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The evolutionary origin of a terrestrial flora
CF Delwiche, ED Cooper
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Retention of transcriptionally active cryptophyte nuclei by the ciliate Myrionecta rubra
MD Johnson, D Oldach, CF Delwiche, DK Stoecker
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Conserved and diversified gene families of monovalent cation/H+ antiporters from algae to flowering plants
S Chanroj, G Wang, K Venema, MW Zhang, CF Delwiche, H Sze
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The Phylogeny of Rosoideae (Rosaceae) Based on Sequences of the Internal Transcribed Spacers (ITS) of Nuclear Ribosomal DNA and the trnL/F Region of …
T Eriksson, MS Hibbs, AD Yoder, CF Delwiche, MJ Donoghue
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Lignin-like compounds and sporopollenin coleochaete, an algal model for land plant ancestry
CF Delwiche, LE Graham, N Thomson
Science 245 (4916), 399-401, 1989
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