Espen Torgersen
Espen Torgersen
Researcher @ Geological Survey of Norway & Assoc. Prof. II @ NTNU
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Structural and temporal evolution of a reactivated brittle–ductile fault–Part II: Timing of fault initiation and reactivation by K–Ar dating of synkinematic illite/muscovite
E Torgersen, G Viola, H Zwingmann, C Harris
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 410, 212-224, 2015
Inclined K–Ar illite age spectra in brittle fault gouges: effects of fault reactivation and wall‐rock contamination
E Torgersen, G Viola, H Zwingmann, IHC Henderson
Terra Nova 27 (2), 106-113, 2015
Structural and temporal evolution of a reactivated brittle–ductile fault–Part I: Fault architecture, strain localization mechanisms and deformation history
E Torgersen, G Viola
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 407, 205-220, 2014
New Constraints on the Evolution of the Inner Northern Apennines by K‐Ar Dating of Late Miocene‐Early Pliocene Compression on the Island of Elba, Italy
G Viola, E Torgersen, F Mazzarini, G Musumeci, R van der Lelij, ...
Tectonics 37 (9), 3229-3243, 2018
Geochronology of the Palaeoproterozoic Kautokeino Greenstone Belt, Finnmark, Norway: Tectonic implications in a Fennoscandia context.
B Bingen, A Solli, G Viola, E Torgersen, JS Sandstad, MJ Whitehouse, ...
Norwegian Journal of Geology 95, 365-396, 2015
Urban geochemistry in Kristiansand, Norway
B Flem, OA Eggen, E Torgersen, MK Kongsvik, RT Ottesen
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 187, 21-33, 2018
Revised structure and stratigraphy of the northwestern Repparfjord Tectonic Window, northern Norway
E Torgersen, G Viola, JS Sandstad
Norwegian Journal of Geology 95 (3-4), 397–421, 2015
Effects of frictional–viscous oscillations and fluid flow events on the structural evolution and Re–Os pyrite–chalcopyrite systematics of Cu-rich carbonate veins in northern Norway
E Torgersen, G Viola, JS Sandstad, H Stein, H Zwingmann, J Hannah
Tectonophysics 659, 70-90, 2015
Response of soil C-and O-horizon and terrestrial moss samples to various lithological units and mineralization in southern Norway
B Flem, E Torgersen, P Englmaier, M Andersson, TE Finne, O Eggen, ...
Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis 18 (3), 252-262, 2018
Structurally controlled copper mineralizations in the Paleoproterozoic Repparfjord Tectonic Window, Northern Norway
E Torgersen, G Viola, J Sverre Sandstad, H Smeplass
EGUGA, EGU2013-4566, 2013
A glimpse into upper crustal conditions of an ancient orogen preserved within another; A late-Sveconorwegian volcano–sedimentary sequence in the southwestern Scandinavian …
E Torgersen, B Bingen
EGU General Assembly, 2019
Structural constraints on the formation of Cu-rich mesothermal vein deposits in the Repparfjord Tectonic Window, northern Norway
E Torgersen, G Viola, JS Sandstad, H Stein
12th SGA Biennial Meeting 3, 1323-1326, 2013
How can K-Ar geochronology of clay-size mica/illite help constrain reactivation histories of brittle faults? An example from a Paleozoic thrust fault in Northern Norway
E Torgersen, G Viola, H Zwingmann
EGUGA, EGU2013-2986, 2013
Southernmost nappes in the Scandinavian Caledonides: correlations, evidence for a Tonian marine volcanic-sedimentary terrane and paleogeographic implications
B Bingen, E Torgersen, M Ganerød, NMW Roberts
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 18891, 2020
Early Miocene compressional structuring of the Tyrrhenian margin of the Northern Apennines: New perspectives from the direct dating of the Zuccale Fault, eastern Island of Elba …
G Viola, G Musumeci, F Mazzarini, E Torgersen, R van der Lelij, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
Dating faults by K-Ar illite/muscovite geochronology; approach, interpretations and challenges
E Torgersen
Tectonic Studies Group Annual General Meeting, 2019
Towards a modern 1:250 000 national bedrock map database
E Torgersen, O Lutro, A Solli, D Gasser, K Svendby, B Bingen, ...
33rd Norwegian Geological Winter Meeting 1, 2019
The Nisser Shear Zone – Discovery of a Sveconorwegian crustal - scale detachment zone in southern Norway
E Torgersen, I Henderson, B Bingen, K Svendby, A Nasuti
33rd Nordic Geological Winter Meeting 2018, 2018
Tectonic basement slices in the décollement of the Scandinavian Caledonides: transition from thin-skinned to thick-skinned tectonics in collisional orogens
E Torgersen, B Bingen, M Ganerød
EGU General Assembly 2018 20 (EGU2018-17048), 2018
Evidences of Silurian dextral transpression in the Scandinavian Caledonides
E Torgersen, G Viola
EGU General Assembly 2017 19 (EGU2017-13664), 2017
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