Timothy J. Tranbarger
Timothy J. Tranbarger
Research Scientist, IRD
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Pluripotent versus totipotent plant stem cells: dependence versus autonomy?
JL Verdeil, L Alemanno, N Niemenak, TJ Tranbarger
Trends in plant science 12 (6), 245-252, 2007
The soybean 94-kilodalton vegetative storage protein is a lipoxygenase that is localized in paraveinal mesophyll cell vacuoles.
TJ Tranbarger, VR Franceschi, DF Hildebrand, HD Grimes
The Plant Cell 3 (9), 973-987, 1991
Regulation of the nitrate transporter gene AtNRT2.1 in Arabidopsis thaliana: responses to nitrate, amino acids and developmental stage
P Nazoa, JJ Vidmar, TJ Tranbarger, K Mouline, I Damiani, P Tillard, ...
Plant molecular biology 52 (3), 689-703, 2003
Regulatory mechanisms underlying oil palm fruit mesocarp maturation, ripening, and functional specialization in lipid and carotenoid metabolism
TJ Tranbarger, S Dussert, T Joët, X Argout, M Summo, A Champion, ...
Plant physiology 156 (2), 564-584, 2011
Temporal responses of Arabidopsis root architecture to phosphate starvation: evidence for the involvement of auxin signalling
Y Al‐Ghazi, B Muller, S Pinloche, TJ Tranbarger, P Nacry, M Rossignol, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 26 (7), 1053-1066, 2003
Comparative transcriptome analysis of three oil palm fruit and seed tissues that differ in oil content and fatty acid composition
S Dussert, C Guerin, M Andersson, T Joët, TJ Tranbarger, M Pizot, ...
Plant physiology 162 (3), 1337-1358, 2013
A new family of lipolytic plant enzymes with members in rice, arabidopsis and maize
DJ Brick, MJ Brumlik, JT Buckley, JX Cao, PC Davies, S Misra, ...
Febs Letters 377 (3), 475-480, 1995
Nitrate-dependent control of root architecture and N nutrition are altered by a plant growth-promoting Phyllobacterium sp
S Mantelin, G Desbrosses, M Larcher, TJ Tranbarger, JC Cleyet-Marel, ...
Planta 223 (3), 591-603, 2006
The isolation of a novel metallothionein-related cDNA expressed in somatic and zygotic embryos of Douglas-fir: regulation by ABA, osmoticum, and metal ions
M Chatthai, KH Kaukinen, TJ Tranbarger, PK Gupta, S Misra
Plant molecular biology 34 (2), 243-254, 1997
Transcriptome analysis during somatic embryogenesis of the tropical monocot Elaeisguineensis: evidence for conserved gene functions in early development
HC Lin, F Morcillo, S Dussert, C Tranchant-Dubreuil, JW Tregear, ...
Plant Molecular Biology 70 (1-2), 173-192, 2009
Improving palm oil quality through identification and mapping of the lipase gene causing oil deterioration
F Morcillo, D Cros, N Billotte, GF Ngando-Ebongue, H Domonhédo, ...
Nature Communications 4 (1), 1-8, 2013
Acquisition of callogenic capacity in date palm leaf tissues in response to 2, 4-D treatment
B Gueye, F Morcillo, M Collin, D Gargani, P Overvoorde, ...
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 99 (1), 35-45, 2009
SSR markers in transcripts of genes linked to post-transcriptional and transcriptional regulatory functions during vegetative and reproductive development of Elaeis guineensis
TJ Tranbarger, W Kluabmongkol, D Sangsrakru, F Morcillo, WJ Tregear, ...
BMC Plant Biology 12 (1), 1, 2012
Temporal and spatial expression of polygalacturonase gene family members reveals divergent regulation during fleshy fruit ripening and abscission in the monocot species oil palm
P Roongsattham, F Morcillo, C Jantasuriyarat, M Pizot, S Moussu, ...
BMC plant biology 12 (1), 1-16, 2012
Post-germination-induced and hormonally dependent expression of low-molecular-weight heat shock protein genes in Douglas fir
KH Kaukinen, TJ Tranbarger, S Misra
Plant molecular biology 30 (6), 1115-1128, 1996
Expression and accumulation patterns of nitrogen-responsive lipoxygenase in soybeans
HD Grimes, TJ Tranbarger, VR Franceschi
Plant Physiology 103 (2), 457-466, 1993
Transcription factor genes with expression correlated to nitrate‐related root plasticity of Arabidopsis thaliana
TJ Tranbarger, Y Al‐Ghazi, B Muller, B Teyssendier De La Serve, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 26 (3), 459-469, 2003
Conservation of the abscission signaling peptide IDA during Angiosperm evolution: withstanding genome duplications and gain and loss of the receptors HAE/HSL2
IM Stø, RJS Orr, K Fooyontphanich, X Jin, J Knutsen, U Fischer, ...
Frontiers in plant science 6, 931, 2015
Structure and expression of a developmentally regulated cDNA encoding a cysteine protease (pseudotzain) from Douglas fir
TJ Tranbarger, S Misra
Gene 172 (2), 221-226, 1996
The molecular characterization of a set of cDNAs differentially expressed during Douglas‐fir germination and early seedling development
TJ Tranbarger, S Misra
Physiologia Plantarum 95 (3), 456-464, 1995
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