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Metal–organic framework nanosheets in polymer composite materials for gas separation
T Rodenas, I Luz, G Prieto, B Seoane, H Miro, A Corma, F Kapteijn, ...
Nature materials 14 (1), 48-55, 2015
An Amine-Functionalized MIL-53 Metal− Organic Framework with Large Separation Power for CO2 and CH4
S Couck, JFM Denayer, GV Baron, T Rémy, J Gascon, F Kapteijn
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (18), 6326-6327, 2009
Metal Organic Framework Catalysis: Quo vadis?
J Gascon, A Corma, F Kapteijn, FX Llabres i Xamena
Acs Catalysis 4 (2), 361-378, 2014
Challenges in the Greener Production of Formates/Formic Acid, Methanol, and DME by Heterogeneously Catalyzed CO2 Hydrogenation Processes
A Álvarez, A Bansode, A Urakawa, AV Bavykina, TA Wezendonk, ...
Chemical Reviews 117 (14), 9804-9838, 2017
Metal–organic and covalent organic frameworks as single-site catalysts
SMJ Rogge, A Bavykina, J Hajek, H Garcia, AI Olivos-Suarez, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 46 (11), 3134-3184, 2017
Metal–organic framework based mixed matrix membranes: a solution for highly efficient CO 2 capture?
B Seoane, J Coronas, I Gascon, ME Benavides, O Karvan, J Caro, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (8), 2421-2454, 2015
Amino-based metal-organic frameworks as stable, highly active basic catalysts
J Gascon, U Aktay, MD Hernandez-Alonso, GPM van Klink, F Kapteijn
Journal of Catalysis 261 (1), 75-87, 2009
Metal–Organic Frameworks in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Recent Progress, New Trends, and Future Perspectives
A Bavykina, N Kolobov, IS Khan, JA Bau, A Ramirez, J Gascon
Chemical Reviews 120 (16), 8468-8535, 2020
Ethane/ethene separation turned on its head: selective ethane adsorption on the metal− organic Framework ZIF-7 through a gate-opening mechanism
C Gucuyener, J Van Den Bergh, J Gascon, F Kapteijn
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (50), 17704-17706, 2010
Synthesis and characterization of an amino functionalized MIL-101 (Al): Separation and catalytic properties
P Serra-Crespo, EV Ramos-Fernandez, J Gascon, F Kapteijn
Chemistry of Materials 23 (10), 2565-2572, 2011
Mixed‐Matrix Membranes
J Dechnik, J Gascon, CJ Doonan, C Janiak, CJ Sumby
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (32), 9292-9310, 2017
Metal organic framework based mixed matrix membranes: An increasingly important field of research with a large application potential
B Zornoza, C Tellez, J Coronas, J Gascon, F Kapteijn
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 166, 67-78, 2013
Metal–organic frameworks based membranes for liquid separation
X Li, Y Liu, J Wang, J Gascon, J Li, B Van der Bruggen
Chemical Society Reviews 46 (23), 7124-7144, 2017
Recent developments in zeolite membranes for gas separation
N Kosinov, J Gascon, F Kapteijn, EJM Hensen
Journal of Membrane Science 499, 65-79, 2016
Recent trends and fundamental insights in the methanol-to-hydrocarbons process
I Yarulina, AD Chowdhury, F Meirer, BM Weckhuysen, J Gascon
Nature Catalysis 1 (6), 398-411, 2018
Metal–organic frameworks as heterogeneous photocatalysts: advantages and challenges
MA Nasalevich, M van der Veen, F Kapteijn, J Gascon
CrystEngComm 16 (23), 4919-4926, 2014
Electrochemical synthesis of some archetypical Zn2+, Cu2+ and Al3+ Metal Organic Frameworks
A Martinez-Joaristi, J Juan-Alcañiz, P Serra-Crespo, F Kapteijn, J Gascon
Crystal Growth & Design 12, 3489−3498, 2012
Strategies for the direct catalytic valorization of methane using heterogeneous catalysis: challenges and opportunities
AI Olivos-Suarez, À Szécsényi, EJM Hensen, J Ruiz-Martinez, EA Pidko, ...
Acs Catalysis 6 (5), 2965-2981, 2016
Metal–organic frameworks as scaffolds for the encapsulation of active species: state of the art and future perspectives
J Juan-Alcañiz, J Gascon, F Kapteijn
J. Mater. Chem. 22, 10102-10118, 2012
A practical approach to zeolitic membranes and coatings: state of the art, opportunities, barriers and future perspectives
J Gascon, F Kapteijn, B Zornoza, V Sebastian, C Casado, J Coronas
Chemistry of Materials 24, 2829−2844, 2012
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