Roar Kristoffersen
Roar Kristoffersen
Associate professor University of Tromsø
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Parallel evolution of ecomorphological traits in the European whitefish Coregonus lavaretus (L.) species complex during postglacial times
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Retur: en nordisk undersøgelse af recidiv blant klienter i kriminalforsorgen
HM Graunbøl, B Kielstrup, ML Muiluvuori, S Tyni, ES Baldursson, ...
Kriminalomsorgens utdanningssenter, 2010
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Occurrence of the digenean Cryptocotyle lingua in farmed Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus and periwinkles Littorina littorea sampled close to charr farms in northern Norway
R Kristoffersen
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 12 (1), 59-65, 1991
The contribution of imprisonment and release to fatal overdose among a cohort of Norwegian drug abusers
E Ødegård, EJ Amundsen, KB Kielland, R Kristoffersen
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Long‐term ecological studies in northern lakes—challenges, experiences, and accomplishments
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EH Henriksen, R Knudsen, R Kristoffersen, AM Kuris, KD Lafferty, ...
Hydrobiologia 783, 37-46, 2016
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