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Ancient hybridizations among the ancestral genomes of bread wheat
T Marcussen, SR Sandve, L Heier, M Spannagl, M Pfeifer, KS Jakobsen, ...
science 345 (6194), 2014
Inferring Species Networks from Gene Trees in High-Polyploid North American and Hawaiian Violets (Viola, Violaceae)
T Marcussen, KS Jakobsen, J Danihelka, HE Ballard, K Blaxland, ...
Systematic biology 61 (1), 107-126, 2012
From gene trees to a dated allopolyploid network: insights from the angiosperm genus Viola (Violaceae)
T Marcussen, L Heier, AK Brysting, B Oxelman, KS Jakobsen
Systematic Biology 64 (1), 84-101, 2015
Embracing heterogeneity: coalescing the Tree of Life and the future of phylogenomics
GA Bravo, A Antonelli, CD Bacon, K Bartoszek, MPK Blom, S Huynh, ...
PeerJ 7, e6399, 2019
A phylogeny of the Violaceae (Malpighiales) inferred from plastid DNA sequences: implications for generic diversity and intrafamilial classification
GA Wahlert, T Marcussen, J de Paula-Souza, M Feng, HE Ballard
Systematic Botany 39 (1), 239-252, 2014
Allozymic variation and relationships within Viola subsection Viola (Violaceae)
T Marcussen, L Borgen
Plant Systematics and Evolution 223 (1-2), 29-57, 2000
Challenges in polyploid phylogenetic reconstruction: A case story from the arctic‐alpine Cerastium alpinum complex
AK Brysting, C Mathiesen, T Marcussen
Taxon 60 (2), 333-347, 2011
Marginal likelihood estimate comparisons to obtain optimal species delimitations in Silene sect. Cryptoneurae (Caryophyllaceae)
Z Aydin, T Marcussen, AS Ertekin, B Oxelman
PLoS One 9 (9), e106990, 2014
Evolution, phylogeography, and taxonomy within the Viola alba complex (Violaceae)
T Marcussen
Plant Systematics and Evolution 237 (1-2), 51-74, 2003
Viola suavis, a new species in the Nordic flora, with analyses of the relation to other species in the subsection Viola (Violaceae)
T Marcussen, I Nordal
Nordic Journal of Botany 18 (2), 221-237, 1998
T Marcussen, T Karlsson, P Wind, B Jonsell
Flora Nordica 6, 12-52, 2010
Evolution of plant RNA polymerase IV/V genes: evidence of subneofunctionalization of duplicated NRPD2/NRPE2-like paralogs in Viola (Violaceae)
T Marcussen, B Oxelman, A Skog, KS Jakobsen
BMC evolutionary biology 10 (1), 1-15, 2010
Phylogenetics of allopolyploids
B Oxelman, AK Brysting, GR Jones, T Marcussen, C Oberprieler, BE Pfeil
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 48, 543-557, 2017
Evidence for an early origin of vernalization responsiveness in temperate Pooideae grasses
M McKeown, M Schubert, T Marcussen, S Fjellheim, JC Preston
Plant physiology 172 (1), 416-426, 2016
Viola hirta (Violaceae) and its relatives in Norway
T Marcussen, L Borgen, I Nordal
Nordic Journal of Botany 21 (1), 5-17, 2001
On the origin of the sweet‐smelling Parma violet cultivars (Violaceae): wide intraspecific hybridization, sterility, and sexual reproduction
V Malécot, T Marcussen, J Munzinger, R Yockteng, M Henry
American Journal of Botany 94 (1), 29-41, 2007
Species delimitation without prior knowledge: DISSECT reveals extensive cryptic speciation in the Silene aegyptiaca complex (Caryophyllaceae)
Z Toprak, BE Pfeil, G Jones, T Marcussen, AS Ertekin, B Oxelman
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 102, 1-8, 2016
Chloroplast phylogeny of Triticum/Aegilops species is not incongruent with an ancient homoploid hybrid origin of the ancestor of the bread wheat D-genome.
SR Sandve, T Marcussen, K Mayer, KS Jakobsen, L Heier, B Steuernagel, ...
The New Phytologist 208 (1), 9-10, 2015
Assignment of Homoeologs to Parental Genomes in Allopolyploids for Species Tree Inference, with an Example from Fumaria (Papaveraceae)
YJK Bertrand, AC Scheen, T Marcussen, BE Pfeil, F de Sousa, B Oxelman
Systematic Biology 64 (3), 448-471, 2015
Species delimitation in the Ponto-Caucasian Viola sieheana complex, based on evidence from allozymes, morphology, ploidy levels, and crossing experiments
T Marcussen, L Borgen
Plant Systematics and Evolution 291 (3), 183-196, 2011
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