Jianwei (John) Miao
Jianwei (John) Miao
Department of Physics & Astronomy and California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA
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Sitert av
Extending the methodology of X-ray crystallography to allow imaging of micrometre-sized non-crystalline specimens
J Miao, P Charalambous, J Kirz, D Sayre
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Phase retrieval with application to optical imaging: a contemporary overview
Y Shechtman, YC Eldar, O Cohen, HN Chapman, J Miao, M Segev
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Phase retrieval from the magnitude of the Fourier transforms of nonperiodic objects
J Miao, D Sayre, HN Chapman
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J Miao, T Ishikawa, IK Robinson, MM Murnane
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MC Scott, CC Chen, M Mecklenburg, C Zhu, R Xu, P Ercius, U Dahmen, ...
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J Miao, T Ishikawa, B Johnson, EH Anderson, B Lai, KO Hodgson
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CC Chen, C Zhu, ER White, CY Chiu, MC Scott, BC Regan, LD Marks, ...
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RL Sandberg, A Paul, DA Raymondson, S Hädrich, DM Gaudiosi, ...
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Deciphering chemical order/disorder and material properties at the single-atom level
Y Yang, CC Chen, MC Scott, C Ophus, R Xu, A Pryor, L Wu, F Sun, ...
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Linac coherent light source (LCLS) conceptual design report
J Arthur, P Anfinrud, P Audebert, K Bane, I Ben-Zvi, V Bharadwaj, ...
Slac, 2002
Atomic electron tomography: 3D structures without crystals
J Miao, P Ercius, SJL Billinge
Science 353 (6306), aaf2157, 2016
Observing crystal nucleation in four dimensions using atomic electron tomography
J Zhou, Y Yang, Y Yang, DS Kim, A Yuan, X Tian, C Ophus, F Sun, ...
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High-resolution, low-dose phase contrast X-ray tomography for 3D diagnosis of human breast cancers
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An approach to three-dimensional structures of biomolecules by using single-molecule diffraction images
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Three-dimensional coordinates of individual atoms in materials revealed by electron tomography
R Xu, CC Chen, L Wu, MC Scott, W Theis, C Ophus, M Bartels, Y Yang, ...
Nature materials 14 (11), 1099-1103, 2015
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