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Genome sequence and genetic diversity of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio
P Xu, X Zhang, X Wang, J Li, G Liu, Y Kuang, J Xu, X Zheng, L Ren, ...
Nature genetics 46 (11), 1212-1219, 2014
The genome sequence archive family: toward explosive data growth and diverse data types
T Chen, X Chen, S Zhang, J Zhu, B Tang, A Wang, L Dong, Z Zhang, C Yu, ...
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics 19 (4), 578-583, 2021
GSA: genome sequence archive
Y Wang, F Song, J Zhu, S Zhang, Y Yang, T Chen, B Tang, L Dong, ...
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PGAP: pan-genomes analysis pipeline
Y Zhao, J Wu, J Yang, S Sun, J Xiao, J Yu
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Database resources of the national genomics data center, China national center for bioinformation in 2022
Nucleic Acids Research 50 (D1), D27-D38, 2022
ParaAT: a parallel tool for constructing multiple protein-coding DNA alignments
Z Zhang, J Xiao, J Wu, H Zhang, G Liu, X Wang, L Dai
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Cassava genome from a wild ancestor to cultivated varieties
W Wang, B Feng, J Xiao, Z Xia, X Zhou, P Li, W Zhang, Y Wang, BL Møller, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5110, 2014
Bioinformatics clouds for big data manipulation
L Dai, X Gao, Y Guo, J Xiao, Z Zhang
Biology direct 7, 1-7, 2012
Database Resources of the BIG Data Center in 2019
BIGDC Members
Nucleic Acids Research 47 (D1), D8–D14, 2018
PanGP: a tool for quickly analyzing bacterial pan-genome profile
Y Zhao, X Jia, J Yang, Y Ling, Z Zhang, J Yu, J Wu, J Xiao
Bioinformatics 30 (9), 1297-1299, 2014
Database Resources of the National Genomics Data Center in 2020
Z Zhang, W Zhao, J Xiao, Y Bao, S He, G Zhang, Y Li, G Zhao, R Chen, ...
Nucleic Acids Research, 2019
Genome Warehouse: a public repository housing genome-scale data
M Chen, Y Ma, S Wu, X Zheng, H Kang, J Sang, X Xu, L Hao, Z Li, Z Gong, ...
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics 19 (4), 584-589, 2021
The complete chloroplast genome provides insight into the evolution and polymorphism of Panax ginseng
Y Zhao, J Yin, H Guo, Y Zhang, W Xiao, C Sun, J Wu, X Qu, J Yu, X Wang, ...
Frontiers in plant science 5, 696, 2015
The global landscape of SARS-CoV-2 genomes, variants, and haplotypes in 2019nCoVR
S Song, L Ma, D Zou, D Tian, C Li, J Zhu, M Chen, A Wang, Y Ma, M Li, ...
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics 18 (6), 749-759, 2020
Precision methylome characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) using PacBio single-molecule real-time (SMRT) technology
L Zhu, J Zhong, X Jia, G Liu, Y Kang, M Dong, X Zhang, Q Li, L Yue, C Li, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 44 (2), 730-743, 2016
Small proteins: untapped area of potential biological importance
M Su, Y Ling, J Yu, J Wu, J Xiao
Frontiers in genetics 4, 286, 2013
The BIG Data Center: from deposition to integration to translation
BIGDC Members
Nucleic Acids Research 45, D18-D24, 2017
Comparative genomic analysis of Streptococcus suis reveals significant genomic diversity among different serotypes
A Zhang, M Yang, P Hu, J Wu, B Chen, Y Hua, J Yu, H Chen, J Xiao, M Jin
BMC genomics 12, 1-11, 2011
Comprehensive assessment of genotype imputation performance
S Shi, N Yuan, M Yang, Z Du, J Wang, X Sheng, J Wu, J Xiao
Human Heredity 83 (3), 107-116, 2019
An online coronavirus analysis platform from the National Genomics Data Center
Z Gong, JW Zhu, CP Li, S Jiang, LN Ma, BX Tang, D Zou, ML Chen, ...
Zoological research 41 (6), 705, 2020
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