Petar Milin
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Analyzing reaction times
RH Baayen, P Milin
International journal of psychological research 3 (2), 12-28, 2010
An amorphous model for morphological processing in visual comprehension based on naive discriminative learning.
RH Baayen, P Milin, DF Đurđević, P Hendrix, M Marelli
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The myth of cognitive decline: Non‐linear dynamics of lifelong learning
M Ramscar, P Hendrix, C Shaoul, P Milin, H Baayen
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Discrimination in lexical decision
P Milin, LB Feldman, M Ramscar, P Hendrix, RH Baayen
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The simultaneous effects of inflectional paradigms and classes on lexical recognition: Evidence from Serbian
P Milin, DF Đurđević, FM del Prado Martín
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Attitudes toward justice and social reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.
M Biro, D Ajdukovic, D Corkalo, D Djipa, P Milin, HM Weinstein
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Paradigms bit by bit: An information theoretic approach to the processing of paradigmatic structure in inflection and derivation
P Milin, V Kuperman, A Kostic, RH Baayen
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Frequency in lexical processing
RH Baayen, P Milin, M Ramscar
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The Zipfian paradigm cell filling problem
JP Blevins, P Milin, M Ramscar
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Must analysis of meaning follow analysis of form? A time course analysis
LB Feldman, P Milin, KW Cho, F Moscoso del Prado Martín, PA O’Connor
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The myth of cognitive decline: Non‐linear dynamics of lifelong learning. Topics in Cognitive Science, 6 (1), 5–42
M Ramscar, P Hendrix, C Shaoul, P Milin, H Baayen
Towards cognitively plausible data science in language research
P Milin, D Divjak, S Dimitrijević, RH Baayen
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A functional theory of gender paradigms
M Dye, P Milin, R Futrell, M Ramscar
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A learning perspective on individual differences in skilled reading: Exploring and exploiting orthographic and semantic discrimination cues.
P Milin, D Divjak, RH Baayen
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 43 (11 …, 2017
Did socio-political changes in Serbia changed the level of authoritarianism and ethnocentrism of citizens?
M Biro, V Mihić, P Milin, S Logar-Đurić
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Models of lexical access and morphological processing
P Milin, E Smolka, LB Feldman
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CxGBERT: BERT meets construction grammar
HT Madabushi, L Romain, D Divjak, P Milin
arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.04134, 2020
Construal in language: A visual-world approach to the effects of linguistic alternations on event perception and conception
D Divjak, †,, P Milin, †, S Medimorec
Cognitive linguistics 31 (1), 37-72, 2020
Effects of proficiency and age of language acquisition on working memory performance in bilinguals
D Vejnović, P Milin, S Zdravković
Psihologija 43 (3), 219-232, 2010
Frequency and regularity effects do not interact in verb production
LB Feldman, P Milin, RH Baayen
Presentation at European Society for Cognitive Psychology, 2013
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