Alexander (Sasha) Kraskov
Alexander (Sasha) Kraskov
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Biosciences, Newcastle University
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Estimating mutual information
A Kraskov, H Stögbauer, P Grassberger
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Performance of different synchronization measures in real data: a case study on electroencephalographic signals
RQ Quiroga, A Kraskov, T Kreuz, P Grassberger
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Corticospinal neurons in macaque ventral premotor cortex with mirror properties: a potential mechanism for action suppression?
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Explicit encoding of multimodal percepts by single neurons in the human brain
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M1 corticospinal mirror neurons and their role in movement suppression during action observation
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Sparse representation in the human medial temporal lobe
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Large Identified Pyramidal Cells in Macaque Motor and Premotor Cortex Exhibit “Thin Spikes”: Implications for Cell Type Classification
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Testing the null hypothesis of the nonexistence of a preseizure state
RG Andrzejak, F Mormann, T Kreuz, C Rieke, A Kraskov, CE Elger, ...
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Bivariate surrogate techniques: Necessity, strengths, and caveats
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Selectivity for grasp in local field potential and single neuron activity recorded simultaneously from M1 and F5 in the awake macaque monkey
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Measure profile surrogates: A method to validate the performance of epileptic seizure prediction algorithms
T Kreuz, RG Andrzejak, F Mormann, A Kraskov, H Stögbauer, CE Elger, ...
Physical Review E 69 (6), 061915, 2004
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