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Release and persistence of extracellular DNA in the environment
KM Nielsen, PJ Johnsen, D Bensasson, D Daffonchio
Environmental biosafety research 6 (1-2), 37-53, 2007
Gene transfer potential of outer membrane vesicles of Acinetobacter baylyi and effects of stress on vesiculation
S Fulsundar, K Harms, GE Flaten, PJ Johnsen, BA Chopade, KM Nielsen
Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (11), 3469-3483, 2014
Natural transformation facilitates transfer of transposons, integrons and gene cassettes between bacterial species
S Domingues, K Harms, WF Fricke, PJ Johnsen, GJ Da Silva, KM Nielsen
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Bacterial natural transformation by highly fragmented and damaged DNA
S Overballe-Petersen, K Harms, LAA Orlando, JVM Mayar, S Rasmussen, ...
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Factors affecting the reversal of antimicrobial-drug resistance
PJ Johnsen, JP Townsend, T Bøhn, GS Simonsen, A Sundsfjord, ...
The Lancet infectious diseases 9 (6), 357-364, 2009
PCR-based plasmid typing in Enterococcus faecium strains reveals widely distributed pRE25-, pRUM-, pIP501- and pHTβ-related replicons associated with …
TCS Rosvoll, T Pedersen, H Sletvold, PJ Johnsen, JE Sollid, ...
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology 58 (2), 254-268, 2010
Prevalence, persistence, and molecular characterization of glycopeptide-resistant enterococci in Norwegian poultry and poultry farmers 3 to 8 years after the ban on avoparcin
M Sørum, PJ Johnsen, B Aasnes, T Rosvoll, H Kruse, A Sundsfjord, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 72 (1), 516-521, 2006
Fitness costs of various mobile genetic elements in Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis
I Starikova, M Al-Haroni, G Werner, AP Roberts, V Sørum, KM Nielsen, ...
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 68 (12), 2755-2765, 2013
Stability, persistence, and evolution of plasmid-encoded VanA glycopeptide resistance in enterococci in the absence of antibiotic selection in vitro and in gnotobiotic mice
PJ Johnsen, GS Simonsen, Ø Olsvik, T Midtvedt, A Sundsfjord
Microbial Drug Resistance 8 (3), 161-170, 2002
Improved burns therapy: Liposomes‐in‐hydrogel delivery system for mupirocin
J Hurler, OA Berg, M Skar, AH Conradi, PJ Johnsen, N Škalko‐Basnet
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 101 (10), 3906-3915, 2012
Episodic Selection and the Maintenance of Competence and Natural Transformation in Bacillus subtilis
PJ Johnsen, D Dubnau, BR Levin
Genetics 181 (4), 1521-1533, 2009
Persistence of animal and human glycopeptide-resistant enterococci on two Norwegian poultry farms formerly exposed to avoparcin is associated with a widespread plasmid-mediated …
PJ Johnsen, JI Østerhus, H Sletvold, M Sørum, H Kruse, K Nielsen, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 71 (1), 159-168, 2005
Transfer of plasmid and chromosomal glycopeptide resistance determinants occurs more readily in the digestive tract of mice than in vitro and exconjugants can persist stably …
KH Dahl, DDG Mater, MJ Flores, PJ Johnsen, T Midtvedt, G Corthier, ...
Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy 59 (3), 478-486, 2007
Conserved collateral antibiotic susceptibility networks in diverse clinical strains of Escherichia coli
NL Podnecky, EGA Fredheim, J Kloos, V Sørum, R Primicerio, AP Roberts, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 3673, 2018
Tn1546 is part of a larger plasmid-encoded genetic unit horizontally disseminated among clonal Enterococcus faecium lineages
H Sletvold, PJ Johnsen, OG Wikmark, GS Simonsen, A Sundsfjord, ...
Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy 65 (9), 1894-1906, 2010
Retrospective evidence for a biological cost of vancomycin resistance determinants in the absence of glycopeptide selective pressures
PJ Johnsen, JP Townsend, T Bøhn, GS Simonsen, A Sundsfjord, ...
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Complete sequence of Enterococcus faecium pVEF3 and the detection of an ω-ε-ζ toxin–antitoxin module and an ABC transporter
H Sletvold, PJ Johnsen, I Hamre, GS Simonsen, A Sundsfjord, ...
Plasmid 60 (1), 75-85, 2008
Comparative DNA Analysis of Two vanA Plasmids from Enterococcus faecium Strains Isolated from Poultry and a Poultry Farmer in Norway
H Sletvold, PJ Johnsen, GS Simonsen, B Aasnaes, A Sundsfjord, ...
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A trade-off between the fitness cost of functional integrases and long-term stability of integrons
I Starikova, K Harms, P Haugen, TTM Lunde, R Primicerio, Ø Samuelsen, ...
PLoS pathogens 8 (11), e1003043, 2012
OXA-48-mediated ceftazidime-avibactam resistance is associated with evolutionary trade-offs
C Fröhlich, V Sørum, AM Thomassen, PJ Johnsen, HKS Leiros, ...
Msphere 4 (2), 10.1128/msphere. 00024-19, 2019
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