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Dissipative self‐assembly of a molecular gelator by using a chemical fuel
J Boekhoven, AM Brizard, KNK Kowlgi, GJM Koper, R Eelkema, ...
Angewandte Chemie 122 (28), 4935-4938, 2010
Substrates for cardiovascular tissue engineering
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Chirality effects in self-assembled fibrillar networks
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Counterion, temperature, and time modulation of nanometric chiral ribbons from gemini-tartrate amphiphiles
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Method to provide a patterned orientation template for a self-assemblable polymer
TT Nguyen, JM Finders, WSMM Ketelaars, SF Wuister, ...
US Patent 10,240,250, 2019
Monodisperse hydrogel microspheres by forced droplet formation in aqueous two-phase systems
I Ziemecka, V van Steijn, GJM Koper, M Rosso, AM Brizard, JH van Esch, ...
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Individualized silica nanohelices and nanotubes: Tuning inorganic nanostructures using lipidic self-assemblies
T Delclos, C Aimé, E Pouget, A Brizard, I Huc, MH Delville, R Oda
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Self-assembly approaches for the construction of cell architecture mimics
AM Brizard, JH Van Esch
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J Boekhoven, AM Brizard, MCA Stuart, L Florusse, G Raffy, A Del Guerzo, ...
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J Boekhoven, AM Brizard, P van Rijn, MCA Stuart, R Eelkema, ...
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Density Functional Theory Calculations of Vibrational Absorption and Circular Dichroism Spectra of Dimethyl-l-tartrate
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Molecular and supramolecular chirality in gemini‐tartrate amphiphiles studied by electronic and vibrational circular dichroisms
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Chirality: The Pharmacological, Biological, and Chemical Consequences of …, 2009
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A Brizard, M Stuart
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Size control and compartmentalization in self-assembled nano-structures of a multisegment amphiphile
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Mixing behavior of fluorinated and hydrogenated gemini surfactants at the air–water interface
J Nishida, A Brizard, B Desbat, R Oda
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Control of nano-micrometric twist and helical ribbon formation with gemini–oligoalanine via interpeptidic β-sheet structure formation
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Asp-Gly based peptides confined at the surface of cationic gemini surfactant aggregates
A Brizard, C Dolain, I Huc, R Oda
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Introduction of curvature in amphipathic oligothiophenes for defined aggregate formation
P van Rijn, D Janeliunas, AMA Brizard, MCA Stuart, R Eelkema, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 16 (45), 13417-13428, 2010
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