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Reference Cases for Verification of Operation and Maintenance Simulation Models for Offshore Wind Farms
I Dinwoodie, OEV Endrerud, M Hofmann, R Martin, IB Sperstad
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Optimisation of maintenance routing and scheduling for offshore wind farms
CA Irawan, D Ouelhadj, D Jones, M Stålhane, IB Sperstad
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Quantum transport in ballistic s±-wave superconductors with interband coupling: Conductance spectra, crossed Andreev reflection, and Josephson current
IB Sperstad, J Linder, A Sudbø
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Nowicob–a tool for reducing the maintenance costs of offshore wind farms
M Hofmann, IB Sperstad
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0-π phase shifts in Josephson junctions as a signature for the s±-wave pairing state
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Josephson current in diffusive multilayer superconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor junctions
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Coexistence of itinerant ferromagnetism and a nonunitary superconducting state with line nodes: Possible application to UGe 2
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Will 10 MW wind turbines bring down the operation and maintenance cost of offshore wind farms?
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Energy Storage Scheduling in Distribution Systems Considering Wind and Photovoltaic Generation Uncertainties
IB Sperstad, M Korpås
Energies 12 (7), 1231, 2019
Testing the robustness of optimal access vessel fleet selection for operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms
IB Sperstad, M Stålhane, I Dinwoodie, OEV Endrerud, R Martin, E Warner
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A Comparison of Single-and Multi-parameter Wave Criteria for Accessing Wind Turbines in Strategic Maintenance and Logistics Models for Offshore Wind Farms
IB Sperstad, EE Halvorsen-Weare, M Hofmann, LM Nonås, M Stålhane, ...
Energy Procedia 53, 221-230, 2014
Cost-benefit evaluation of remote inspection of offshore wind farms by simulating the operation and maintenance phase
Ø Netland, IB Sperstad, M Hofmann, A Skavhaug
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Investigating key decision problems to optimise the operation and maintenance strategy of offshore wind farms
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Three distinct types of quantum phase transitions in a (2+ 1)-dimensional array of dissipative Josephson junctions
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IB Sperstad, EB Stiansen, A Sudbø
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IEA Wind Task 26 Offshore Wind Farm Baseline Documentation
G Smart, A Smith, E Warner, IB Sperstad, B Prinsen, R Lacal-Arantegui
NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)), 2016
Quantum criticality in spin chains with non-Ohmic dissipation
IB Sperstad, EB Stiansen, A Sudbø
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Interruption costs and time dependencies in quality of supply regulation
GH Kjølle, IB Sperstad, SH Jakobsen
Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS), 2014 International …, 2014
A lifecycle financial analysis model for offshore wind farms
F Judge, FD McAuliffe, IB Sperstad, R Chester, B Flannery, K Lynch, ...
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Quantum criticality in a dissipative (2+ 1)-dimensional X Y model of circulating currents in high-T c cuprates
IB Sperstad, EB Stiansen, A Sudbø
Physical Review B 84 (18), 180503, 2011
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