Russell JH Ryan
Russell JH Ryan
Assistant Professor of Pathology
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Genetic and epigenetic fine mapping of causal autoimmune disease variants
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EZH2 codon 641 mutations are common in BCL2-rearranged germinal center B cell lymphomas
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A multiplexed system for quantitative comparisons of chromatin landscapes
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Detection of enhancer-associated rearrangements reveals mechanisms of oncogene dysregulation in B-cell lymphoma
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IRF6 is a mediator of Notch pro‐differentiation and tumour suppressive function in keratinocytes
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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Related Oncogene/DCUN1D1 Is Highly Conserved and Activated by Amplification in Squamous Cell Carcinomas
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Genetic events that shape the cancer epigenome
RJH Ryan, BE Bernstein
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Mast cell sarcoma: a rare and potentially under-recognized diagnostic entity with specific therapeutic implications
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Small-molecule inhibitors targeting Polycomb repressive complex 1 RING domain
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Squamous cell carcinoma-related oncogene (SCCRO) family members regulate cell growth and proliferation through their cooperative and antagonistic effects on cullin neddylation
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EWS:: FLI1 and HOXD13 control tumor cell plasticity in Ewing sarcoma
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ETV6 Deficiency Unlocks ERG-Dependent Microsatellite Enhancers to Drive Aberrant Gene Activation in B-Lymphoblastic Leukemia
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Blood Cancer Discovery 4 (1), 34-53, 2023
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