Michael Marx
Michael Marx
Privatdozent Materialwissenschaft, Universität des Saarlandes
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Sitert av
A 3-D view on the mechanisms of short fatigue cracks interacting with grain boundaries
W Schaef, M Marx, H Vehoff, A Heckl, P Randelzhofer
Acta Materialia 59 (5), 1849-1861, 2011
Interaction of cracks with precipitates and grain boundaries: Understanding crack growth mechanisms through focused ion beam tomography
C Holzapfel, W Schäf, M Marx, H Vehoff, F Mücklich
Scripta Materialia 56 (8), 697-700, 2007
Plastic deformation mechanism of ultra-fine-grained AA6063 processed by equal-channel angular pressing
T Qian, M Marx, K Schüler, M Hockauf, H Vehoff
Acta Materialia 58 (6), 2112-2123, 2010
A numerical description of short fatigue cracks interacting with grain boundaries
W Schaef, M Marx
Acta materialia 60 (5), 2425-2436, 2012
Interaction of microcracks with selected interfaces: Focused ion beam for a systematic crack initiation
M Marx, W Schäf, H Vehoff, C Holzapfel
Materials Science and Engineering: A 435, 595-601, 2006
Measuring the plastic zone size by orientation gradient mapping (OGM) and electron channeling contrast imaging (ECCI)
MT Welsch, M Henning, M Marx, H Vehoff
Advanced Engineering Materials 9 (1‐2), 31-37, 2007
On the role of crystal and stress anisotropy in magnetic Barkhausen noise
MS Amiri, M Thielen, M Rabung, M Marx, K Szielasko, C Boller
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 372, 16-22, 2014
Effect of a dislocation pile-up at the neutral axis on trans-crystalline crack growth for micro-bending fatigue
L Eisenhut, F Schaefer, P Gruenewald, L Weiter, M Marx, C Motz
International Journal of Fatigue 94, 131-139, 2017
Microscopic incompatibility controlling plastic deformation of bicrystals
N Kheradmand, AF Knorr, M Marx, Y Deng
Acta Materialia 106, 219-228, 2016
Influence of microstructural barriers on small fatigue crack growth in mild steel
W Schäf, M Marx, AF Knorr
International journal of fatigue 57, 86-92, 2013
Interaction of short cracks with the local microstructure
M Marx, W Schaef, H Vehoff
Procedia Engineering 2 (1), 163-171, 2010
The microstructure as crack initiation point and barrier against fatigue damaging
M Marx, W Schaef, MT Welsch
International journal of fatigue 41, 57-63, 2012
Propagation of microcracks in single crystalline nickel-based superalloys: size effects on the crack opening
M Marx, H Vehoff
Materials Science and Engineering: A 387, 511-515, 2004
Quantifying the grain boundary resistance against slip transfer by experimental combination of geometric and stress approach using stage-I-fatigue cracks
F Schäfer, L Weiter, M Marx, C Motz
Philosophical Magazine 96 (32-34), 3524-3551, 2016
Crack initiation at twin boundaries due to slip system mismatch
AF Knorr, M Marx, F Schaefer
Scripta Materialia 94, 48-51, 2015
Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine‐Grained Nickel with Bimodal Microstructure
T Qian, I Karaman, M Marx
Advanced Engineering Materials 16 (11), 1323-1339, 2014
In situ synchrotron stress mappings to characterize overload effects in fatigue crack growth
M Thielen, F Schaefer, P Gruenewald, M Laub, M Marx, M Meixner, ...
International Journal of Fatigue 121, 155-162, 2019
Crack propagation and mechanical properties of electrodeposited nickel with bimodal microstructures in the nanocrystalline and ultrafine grained regime
D Rathmann, M Marx, C Motz
Journal of Materials Research 32 (24), 4573-4582, 2017
Assessing the intergranular crack initiation probability of a grain boundary distribution by an experimental misalignment study of adjacent slip systems
F Schäfer, EPW Lang, M Bick, AF Knorr, M Marx, C Motz
Procedia Structural Integrity 5, 547-554, 2017
Stage-I fatigue crack studies in order to validate the dislocation-free zone model of fracture for bulk materials
F Schaefer, M Marx, AF Knorr, H Vehoff
Philosophical Magazine 95 (8), 819-843, 2015
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