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Jonathan L. Carrivick
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Structure from motion photogrammetry in physical geography
MW Smith, JL Carrivick, DJ Quincey
Progress in physical geography 40 (2), 247-275, 2016
Structure from Motion in the Geosciences (Analytical Methods in Earth and Environmental Science)
JL Carrivick, MW Smith, DJ Quincey
New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2016
Structure from Motion in the Geosciences
JL Carrivick, MW Smith, DJ Quincey
John Wiley & Sons, 2016
Proglacial lakes: character, behaviour and geological importance
JL Carrivick, FS Tweed
Quaternary Science Reviews 78, 34-52, 2013
A global assessment of the societal impacts of glacier outburst floods
JL Carrivick, FS Tweed
Global and Planetary Change 144, 1-16, 2016
A massive rock and ice avalanche caused the 2021 disaster at Chamoli, Indian Himalaya
DH Shugar, M Jacquemart, D Shean, S Bhushan, K Upadhyay, A Sattar, ...
Science 373 (6552), 300-306, 2021
Spatial variability in mass loss of glaciers in the Everest region, central Himalayas, between 2000 and 2015
O King, DJ Quincey, JL Carrivick, AV Rowan
The Cryosphere 11 (1), 407-426, 2017
The long-term fate of permafrost peatlands under rapid climate warming
GT Swindles, PJ Morris, D Mullan, EJ Watson, TE Turner, TP Roland, ...
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The dynamics of supraglacial ponds in the Everest region, central Himalaya
CS Watson, DJ Quincey, JL Carrivick, MW Smith
Global and Planetary Change 142, 14-27, 2016
Short-term geomorphological evolution of proglacial systems
JL Carrivick, T Heckmann
Geomorphology 287, 3-28, 2017
Application of 2D hydrodynamic modelling to high-magnitude outburst floods: An example from Kverkfjöll, Iceland
JL Carrivick
Journal of Hydrology 321 (1-4), 187-199, 2006
Reconstruction of the largest Holocene jökulhlaup within Jökulsá á Fjöllum, NE Iceland
P Alho, AJ Russell, JL Carrivick, J Käyhkö
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Antarctic Peninsula ice sheet evolution during the Cenozoic Era
BJ Davies, MJ Hambrey, JL Smellie, JL Carrivick, NF Glasser
Quaternary Science Reviews 31, 30-66, 2012
Reconstructing flash flood magnitudes using ‘Structure-from-Motion’: A rapid assessment tool
MW Smith, JL Carrivick, J Hooke, MJ Kirkby
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Geomorphological evidence for jökulhlaups from Kverkfjöll volcano, Iceland
JL Carrivick, AJ Russell, FS Tweed
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Functional diversity and community assembly of river invertebrates show globally consistent responses to decreasing glacier cover
LE Brown, K Khamis, M Wilkes, P Blaen, JE Brittain, JL Carrivick, S Fell, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 2 (2), 325-333, 2018
Developments in budget remote sensing for the geosciences
JL Carrivick, MW Smith, DJ Quincey, SJ Carver
Geology Today 29 (4), 138-143, 2013
Landscape evolution and ice-sheet behaviour in a semi-arid polar environment: James Ross Island, NE Antarctic Peninsula
BJ Davies, NF Glasser, JL Carrivick, MJ Hambrey, JL Smellie, D Nývlt
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Contrasting geometric and dynamic evolution of lake and land-terminating glaciers in the central Himalaya
O King, A Dehecq, D Quincey, J Carrivick
Global and Planetary Change 167, 46-60, 2018
Fluvial and aquatic applications of Structure from Motion photogrammetry and unmanned aerial vehicle/drone technology
JL Carrivick, MW Smith
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water 6 (1), e1328, 2019
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