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Spatial patterns and dynamic responses of arctic food webs corroborate the exploitation ecosystems hypothesis (EEH)
M Aunapuu, J Dahlgren, T Oksanen, D Grellmann, L Oksanen, J Olofsson, ...
The American Naturalist 171 (2), 249-262, 2007
Degrading mountain permafrost in southern Norway: spatial and temporal variability of mean ground temperatures, 1999–2009
K Isaksen, RS Ødegård, B Etzelmüller, C Hilbich, C Hauck, H Farbrot, ...
Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 22 (4), 361-377, 2011
Troglostrongylus brevior and Troglostrongylus subcrenatus (Strongylida: Crenosomatidae) as agents of broncho-pulmonary infestation in domestic cats
E Brianti, G Gaglio, S Giannetto, G Annoscia, MS Latrofa, F Dantas-Torres, ...
Parasites & vectors 5 (1), 178, 2012
Prevalence of tick borne encephalitis virus in tick nymphs in relation to climatic factors on the southern coast of Norway
A Andreassen, S Jore, P Cuber, S Dudman, T Tengs, K Isaksen, ...
Parasites & vectors 5 (1), 177, 2012
Learning from mistakes in climate research
RE Benestad, D Nuccitelli, S Lewandowsky, K Hayhoe, HO Hygen, ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 126 (3-4), 699-703, 2016
A frost decay exposure index for porous, mineral building materials
KR Lisø, T Kvande, HO Hygen, JV Thue, K Harstveit
Building and Environment 42 (10), 3547-3555, 2007
Cool weather tourism under global warming: Comparing Arctic summer tourists' weather preferences with regional climate statistics and projections
EJ Førland, JKS Jacobsen, JM Denstadli, M Lohmann, I Hanssen-Bauer, ...
Tourism Management 36, 567-579, 2013
An approach to impact assessments of buildings in a changing climate
AJ Almås, KR Lisø, HO Hygen, CF Øyen, JV Thue
Building Research & Information 39 (3), 227-238, 2011
Changes in meteorological variables that can trigger natural hazards in Norway
AV Dyrrdal, K Isaksen, HO Hygen, NK Meyer
Climate Research 55 (2), 153-165, 2012
Decay potential in wood structures using climate data
K Robert Lisø, H Olav Hygen, T Kvande, J Vincent Thue
Building research & information 34 (6), 546-551, 2006
Hair-loss epizootic in moose (Alces alces) associated with massive deer ked (Lipoptena cervi) infestation
K Madslien, B Ytrehus, T Vikøren, J Malmsten, K Isaksen, HO Hygen, ...
Journal of wildlife diseases 47 (4), 893-906, 2011
Climate of Bangladesh
MA Khatun, MB Rashid, HO Hygen
MET report, 2016
Effects of wind exposure on roof snow loads
V Meløysund, KR Lisø, HO Hygen, KV Høiseth, B Leira
Building and Environment 42 (10), 3726-3736, 2007
Agnotology: learning from mistakes
RE Benestad, HO Hygen, R Dorland, J Cook, D Nuccitelli
Earth System Dynamics Discussions 4 (1), 451-505, 2013
Impacts of sea level rise towards 2100 on buildings in Norway
AJ Almås, HO Hygen
Building Research & Information 40 (3), 245-259, 2012
Past changes in frequency, intensity, and spatial occurrence of meteorological triggering variables relevant for natural hazards in Norway
AV Dyrrdal, K Isaksen, HO Hygen, NK Meyer
Met. no report 3, 2011, 2011
Association between heavy precipitation events and waterborne outbreaks in four Nordic countries, 1992–2012
B Guzman Herrador, BF De Blasio, A Carlander, S Ethelberg, HO Hygen, ...
Journal of water and health 14 (6), 1019-1027, 2016
Klimaprojeksjoner frem til 2050. Grunnlag for sårbarhetsanalyse i utvalgte kommuner
T Engen-Skaugen, E Førland, HO Hygen, R Benestad
report, 2009
Impacts of extreme weather events on transport infrastructure in Norway
R Frauenfelder, A Solheim, K Isaksen, B Romstad, AV Dyrrdal, ...
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Manuscript under review. Discussion started on 20, 2017
Warm, wet and wild–Climate change vulnerability analysis applied to built environment
CF Øyen, AJ Almås, HO Hygen
BEST3 Conference–Building Enclosure Science and Technology, 2012
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