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Stretching of macromolecules and proteins
TR Strick, MN Dessinges, G Charvin, NH Dekker, JF Allemand, ...
Reports on Progress in Physics 66 (1), 1, 2002
Long-term model predictive control of gene expression at the population and single-cell levels
J Uhlendorf, A Miermont, T Delaveau, G Charvin, F Fages, S Bottani, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (35), 14271-14276, 2012
Endothelial cilia mediate low flow sensing during zebrafish vascular development
JG Goetz, E Steed, RR Ferreira, S Roth, C Ramspacher, F Boselli, ...
Cell reports 6 (5), 799-808, 2014
Single-molecule study of DNA unlinking by eukaryotic and prokaryotic type-II topoisomerases
G Charvin, D Bensimon, V Croquette
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (17), 9820-9825, 2003
A microfluidic device for temporally controlled gene expression and long-term fluorescent imaging in unperturbed dividing yeast cells
G Charvin, FR Cross, ED Siggia
PloS one 3 (1), e1468, 2008
Oscillatory flow modulates mechanosensitive klf2a expression through trpv4 and trpp2 during heart valve development
E Heckel, F Boselli, S Roth, A Krudewig, HG Belting, G Charvin, J Vermot
Current Biology 25 (10), 1354-1361, 2015
Origin of irreversibility of cell cycle start in budding yeast
G Charvin, C Oikonomou, ED Siggia, FR Cross
PLoS biology 8 (1), e1000284, 2010
Aging yeast cells undergo a sharp entry into senescence unrelated to the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential
S Fehrmann, C Paoletti, Y Goulev, A Ungureanu, H Aguilaniu, G Charvin
Cell reports 5 (6), 1589-1599, 2013
Tracking topoisomerase activity at the single-molecule level
G Charvin, TR Strick, D Bensimon, V Croquette
Annu. Rev. Biophys. Biomol. Struct. 34, 201-219, 2005
Nucleosome-depleted regions in cell-cycle-regulated promoters ensure reliable gene expression in every cell cycle
L Bai, G Charvin, ED Siggia, FR Cross
Developmental cell 18 (4), 544-555, 2010
Mechanisms of chiral discrimination by topoisomerase IV
KC Neuman, G Charvin, D Bensimon, V Croquette
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (17), 6986-6991, 2009
Braiding DNA: experiments, simulations, and models
G Charvin, A Vologodskii, D Bensimon, V Croquette
Biophysical journal 88 (6), 4124-4136, 2005
Forced periodic expression of G1 cyclins phase-locks the budding yeast cell cycle
G Charvin, FR Cross, ED Siggia
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (16), 6632-6637, 2009
Twisting DNA: single molecule studies
G Charvin, JF Allemand, TR Strick, D Bensimon, V Croquette
Contemporary Physics 45 (5), 383-403, 2004
Excessive rDNA transcription drives the disruption in nuclear homeostasis during entry into senescence in budding yeast
S Morlot, J Song, I Léger-Silvestre, A Matifas, O Gadal, G Charvin
Cell reports 28 (2), 408-422. e4, 2019
Nonlinear feedback drives homeostatic plasticity in H2O2 stress response
Y Goulev, S Morlot, A Matifas, B Huang, M Molin, MB Toledano, G Charvin
Elife 6, e23971, 2017
Two routes to senescence revealed by real-time analysis of telomerase-negative single lineages
Z Xu, E Fallet, C Paoletti, S Fehrmann, G Charvin, MT Teixeira
Nature communications 6 (1), 7680, 2015
Pulse propagation by a capacitive mechanism drives embryonic blood flow
H Anton, S Harlepp, C Ramspacher, D Wu, F Monduc, S Bhat, M Liebling, ...
Development 140 (21), 4426-4434, 2013
Multiple inputs ensure yeast cell size homeostasis during cell cycle progression
C Garmendia-Torres, O Tassy, A Matifas, N Molina, G Charvin
Elife 7, e34025, 2018
A memory system of negative polarity cues prevents replicative aging
F Meitinger, A Khmelinskii, S Morlot, B Kurtulmus, S Palani, ...
Cell 159 (5), 1056-1069, 2014
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