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Pablo Rodriguez Calvillo
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EBSD study of a hot deformed austenitic stainless steel
H Mirzadeh, JM Cabrera, A Najafizadeh, PR Calvillo
Materials Science and Engineering: A 538, 236-245, 2012
Through process texture evolution and magnetic properties of high Si non-oriented electrical steels
JJ Sidor, K Verbeken, E Gomes, J Schneider, PR Calvillo, LAI Kestens
Materials characterization 71, 49-57, 2012
Examination of the solidification macrostructure of spheroidal and flake graphite cast irons using DAAS and ESBD
G Rivera, PR Calvillo, R Boeri, Y Houbaert, J Sikora
Materials Characterization 59 (9), 1342-1348, 2008
Effect of microstructure on fatigue behavior of advanced high strength steels produced by quenching and partitioning and the role of retained austenite
I de Diego-Calderón, P Rodriguez-Calvillo, A Lara, JM Molina-Aldareguia, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 641, 215-224, 2015
Microstructure and mechanical properties of a commercially pure Ti processed by warm equal channel angular pressing
P Rodriguez-Calvillo, JM Cabrera
Materials Science and Engineering: A 625, 311-320, 2015
Oxidation of ultra low carbon and silicon bearing steels
L Suárez, P Rodríguez-Calvillo, Y Houbaert, R Colás
Corrosion Science 52 (6), 2044-2049, 2010
A multi-scale study of the interaction of Sn solutes with dislocations during static recovery in α-Fe
N Mavrikakis, C Detlefs, PK Cook, M Kutsal, APC Campos, M Gauvin, ...
Acta Materialia 174, 92-104, 2019
EBSD characterization of repetitive grain refinement in AZ31 magnesium alloy
SM Fatemi-Varzaneh, A Zarei-Hanzaki, JM Cabrera, PR Calvillo
Materials Chemistry and Physics 149, 339-343, 2015
Analysis of microstructure and strengthening in CuMg alloys deformed by equal channel angular pressing
P Rodríguez-Calvillo, N Ferrer, JM Cabrera
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 626, 340-348, 2015
High temperature deformation of silicon steel
P Rodríguez-Calvillo, Y Houbaert, R Petrov, L Kestens, R Colás
Materials Chemistry and Physics 136 (2-3), 710-719, 2012
Hot working analysis of a CuZn40Pb2 brass on the monophasic (β) and intercritical (α+ β) regions
L Suárez, P Rodriguez-Calvillo, JM Cabrera, A Martínez-Romay, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 627, 42-50, 2015
Analysis of deformed oxide layers grown on steel
L Suárez, P Rodríguez-Calvillo, Y Houbaert, NF Garza-Montes-de-Oca, ...
Oxidation of metals 75, 281-295, 2011
Thermal stability of ARMCO iron processed by ECAP
JA Muñoz, OF Higuera, AH Expósito, A Boulaajaj, RE Bolmaro, ...
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 98, 2917-2932, 2018
On the hot working of FeSi ferritic steels
P Rodriguez-Calvillo, A Boulaajaj, M Perez-Sine, J Schneider, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 606, 127-138, 2014
EBSD Study of delta-processed Ni-based superalloy
PJP Kañetas, J Calvo, P Rodriguez-Calvillo, JM Cabrera Marrero, ...
Metals 10 (11), 1466, 2020
A study of defects in iron based alloys by positron annihilation techniques
K Mostafa, J De Baerdemaeker, D Segers, P Calvillo, N Van Caenegem, ...
Acta Physica Polonica A 113 (5), 1471-1478, 2008
Plane strain compression of high silicon steel
PR Calvillo, T Ros-Yanez, D Ruiz, R Colás, Y Houbaert
Materials Science and Technology 22 (9), 1105-1111, 2006
Influence of initial heating during final high temperature annealing on the offset of primary and secondary recrystallization in Cu-bearing grain oriented electrical steels
P Rodriguez-Calvillo, E Leunis, T Van De Putte, S Jacobs, O Zacek, ...
AIP Advances 8 (4), 2018
Thermal stability and microstructural behavior of ECAP processed copper
OF Higuera, PR Calvillo, JM Cabrera
AIP Conference Proceedings 1353 (1), 553-558, 2011
Microstructure characterization by EBSD of hot rolled high-silicon steel
P Rodriguez-Calvillo, N Salazar, J Schneider, Y Houbaert
Defect and Diffusion Forum 273, 69-74, 2008
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