Hongyan Ma
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Advanced Concrete Technology, 2nd Edition
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H Ma
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D Hou, H Ma, Y Zhu, Z Li
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H Ma, Z Li
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Paraffin/expanded vermiculite composite phase change material as aggregate for developing lightweight thermal energy storage cement-based composites
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Influence of magnesia-to-phosphate molar ratio on microstructures, mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of magnesium potassium phosphate cement paste with large water …
B Xu, H Ma, Z Li
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Prediction of surface chloride concentration of marine concrete using ensemble machine learning
R Cai, T Han, W Liao, J Huang, D Li, A Kumar, H Ma
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A Hanif, P Parthasarathy, H Ma, T Fan, Z Li
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Determining porosity and pore network connectivity of cement-based materials by a modified non-contact electrical resistivity measurement: Experiment and theory
R He, H Ma, RB Hafiz, C Fu, X Jin, J He
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Prediction of Compressive Strength of Concrete: Critical Comparison of Performance of a Hybrid Machine Learning Model with Standalone Models
R Cook, J Lapeyre, H Ma, A Kumar
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Potential to design magnesium potassium phosphate cement paste based on an optimal magnesia-to-phosphate ratio
H Ma, B Xu
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H Ma, D Hou, Z Li
Computational Materials Science 110, 270–280, 2015
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