Paola Picotti
Paola Picotti
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Selected reaction monitoring for quantitative proteomics: a tutorial
V Lange, P Picotti, B Domon, R Aebersold
Molecular systems biology 4 (1), 222, 2008
Selected reaction monitoring–based proteomics: workflows, potential, pitfalls and future directions
P Picotti, R Aebersold
Nature methods 9 (6), 555-566, 2012
L-arginine modulates T cell metabolism and enhances survival and anti-tumor activity
R Geiger, JC Rieckmann, T Wolf, C Basso, Y Feng, T Fuhrer, ...
Cell 167 (3), 829-842. e13, 2016
Full dynamic range proteome analysis of S. cerevisiae by targeted proteomics
P Picotti, B Bodenmiller, LN Mueller, B Domon, R Aebersold
Cell 138 (4), 795-806, 2009
Probing protein structure by limited proteolysis.
A Fontana, PP De Laureto, B Spolaore, E Frare, P Picotti, M Zambonin
Acta Biochimica Polonica 51 (2), 299-321, 2004
High-throughput generation of selected reaction-monitoring assays for proteins and proteomes
P Picotti, O Rinner, R Stallmach, F Dautel, T Farrah, B Domon, ...
Nature methods 7 (1), 43-46, 2010
mProphet: automated data processing and statistical validation for large-scale SRM experiments
L Reiter, O Rinner, P Picotti, R Hüttenhain, M Beck, MY Brusniak, ...
Nature methods 8 (5), 430-435, 2011
A map of protein-metabolite interactions reveals principles of chemical communication
I Piazza, K Kochanowski, V Cappelletti, T Fuhrer, E Noor, U Sauer, ...
Cell 172 (1), 358-372. e23, 2018
Phosphoproteomic analysis reveals interconnected system-wide responses to perturbations of kinases and phosphatases in yeast
B Bodenmiller, S Wanka, C Kraft, J Urban, D Campbell, PG Pedrioli, ...
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A complete mass-spectrometric map of the yeast proteome applied to quantitative trait analysis
P Picotti, M Clément-Ziza, H Lam, DS Campbell, A Schmidt, EW Deutsch, ...
Nature 494 (7436), 266-270, 2013
Cell-wide analysis of protein thermal unfolding reveals determinants of thermostability
P Leuenberger, S Ganscha, A Kahraman, V Cappelletti, PJ Boersema, ...
Science 355 (6327), eaai7825, 2017
Global analysis of protein structural changes in complex proteomes
Y Feng, G De Franceschi, A Kahraman, M Soste, A Melnik, PJ Boersema, ...
Nature biotechnology 32 (10), 1036-1044, 2014
Host cell entry of respiratory syncytial virus involves macropinocytosis followed by proteolytic activation of the F protein
MA Krzyzaniak, MT Zumstein, JA Gerez, P Picotti, A Helenius
PLoS pathogens 9 (4), e1003309, 2013
Human SRMAtlas: a resource of targeted assays to quantify the complete human proteome
U Kusebauch, DS Campbell, EW Deutsch, CS Chu, DA Spicer, ...
Cell 166 (3), 766-778, 2016
PhosphoPep—a database of protein phosphorylation sites in model organisms
B Bodenmiller, D Campbell, B Gerrits, H Lam, M Jovanovic, P Picotti, ...
Nature biotechnology 26 (12), 1339-1340, 2008
Accumulation of oligomer-prone α-synuclein exacerbates synaptic and neuronal degeneration in vivo
E Rockenstein, S Nuber, CR Overk, K Ubhi, M Mante, C Patrick, A Adame, ...
Brain 137 (5), 1496-1513, 2014
The implications of proteolytic background for shotgun proteomics
P Picotti, R Aebersold, B Domon
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 6 (9), 1589-1598, 2007
A database of mass spectrometric assays for the yeast proteome
P Picotti, H Lam, D Campbell, EW Deutsch, H Mirzaei, J Ranish, B Domon, ...
Nature methods 5 (11), 913-914, 2008
Increased selectivity, analytical precision, and throughput in targeted proteomics
R Kiyonami, A Schoen, A Prakash, S Peterman, V Zabrouskov, P Picotti, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10 (2), S1-S11, 2011
Cancer genetics-guided discovery of serum biomarker signatures for diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer
I Cima, R Schiess, P Wild, M Kaelin, P Schüffler, V Lange, P Picotti, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (8), 3342-3347, 2011
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