Charles Antzelevitch
Charles Antzelevitch
Distinguished Professor and Executive Director, Cardiovascular Research, Lankenau Institute for
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Contemporary definitions and classification of the cardiomyopathies: an American Heart Association scientific statement from the council on clinical cardiology, heart failure …
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Roentgenographic assessment of the biologic fixation of porous-surfaced femoral components.
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Proposed diagnostic criteria for the Brugada syndrome: consensus report
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Cellular basis for the Brugada syndrome and other mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis associated with ST-segment elevation
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Cellular basis for the normal T wave and the electrocardiographic manifestations of the long-QT syndrome
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Cellular basis for the electrocardiographic J wave
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Loss-of-function mutations in the cardiac calcium channel underlie a new clinical entity characterized by ST-segment elevation, short QT intervals, and sudden cardiac death
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Recommendations for physical activity and recreational sports participation for young patients with genetic cardiovascular diseases
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Heterogeneity within the ventricular wall. Electrophysiology and pharmacology of epicardial, endocardial, and M cells.
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Policy Conference
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Sodium channel blockers identify risk for sudden death in patients with ST-segment elevation and right bundle branch block but structurally normal hearts
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Long-Term Follow-Up of Individuals With the Electrocardiographic Pattern of Right Bundle-Branch Block and ST-Segment Elevation in Precordial Leads V1 to V3
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Characteristics of the delayed rectifier current (IKr and IKs) in canine ventricular epicardial, midmyocardial, and endocardial myocytes: a weaker IKs contributes to the longer …
DW Liu, C Antzelevitch
Circulation research 76 (3), 351-365, 1995
Electrophysiological effects of ranolazine, a novel antianginal agent with antiarrhythmic properties
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An international compendium of mutations in the SCN5A-encoded cardiac sodium channel in patients referred for Brugada syndrome genetic testing
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Brugada syndrome
C Antzelevitch
Pacing and clinical electrophysiology 29 (10), 1130-1159, 2006
J wave syndromes
C Antzelevitch, GX Yan
Heart rhythm 7 (4), 549-558, 2010
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