Erlend B. Nilsen
Erlend B. Nilsen
Senior Research Scientist at Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
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Demographic side effects of selective hunting in ungulates and carnivores
JM Milner, EB Nilsen, HP Andreassen
Conservation Biology 21 (1), 36-47, 2007
Prey density, environmental productivity and home-range size in the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
I Herfindal, JDC Linnell, J Odden, EB Nilsen, R Andersen
Journal of Zoology 265 (1), 63-71, 2005
Is hunting mortality additive or compensatory to natural mortality? Effects of experimental harvest on the survival and cause‐specific mortality of willow ptarmigan
BK Sandercock, EB Nilsen, H Brøseth, HC Pedersen
Journal of Animal Ecology 80 (1), 244-258, 2011
Can minimum convex polygon home ranges be used to draw biologically meaningful conclusions?
EB Nilsen, S Pedersen, JDC Linnell
Ecological Research 23 (3), 635-639, 2008
Wolf reintroduction to Scotland: public attitudes and consequences for red deer management
EB Nilsen, EJ Milner-Gulland, L Schofield, A Mysterud, NC Stenseth, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 274 (1612 …, 2007
Habitat heterogeneity and mammalian predator–prey interactions
L Gorini, JDC Linnell, R May, M Panzacchi, L Boitani, M Odden, ...
Mammal review 42 (1), 55-77, 2012
Can intra-specific variation in carnivore home-range size be explained using remote-sensing estimates of environmental productivity?
EB Nilsen, I Herfindal, JDC Linnell
Ecoscience 12 (1), 68-75, 2005
A slow life in hell or a fast life in heaven: demographic analyses of contrasting roe deer populations
EB Nilsen, JM Gaillard, R Andersen, J Odden, D Delorme, G Van Laere, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 78 (3), 585-594, 2009
Climate, season, and social status modulate the functional response of an efficient stalking predator: the Eurasian lynx
EB Nilsen, JDC Linnell, J Odden, R Andersen
Journal of Animal Ecology 78 (4), 741-751, 2009
Predicting the potential demographic impact of predators on their prey: a comparative analysis of two carnivore–ungulate systems in Scandinavia
V Gervasi, EB Nilsen, H Sand, M Panzacchi, GR Rauset, HC Pedersen, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 81 (2), 443-454, 2012
Sustainably harvesting a large carnivore? Development of Eurasian lynx populations in Norway during 160 years of shifting policy
JDC Linnell, H Broseth, J Odden, EB Nilsen
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Individual access to preferred habitat affects fitness components in female roe deer Capreolus capreolus
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Journal of Animal Ecology, 44-50, 2004
Zoning as a means of mitigating conflicts with large carnivores: principles and reality
JDC Linnell, EB Nilsen, US Lande, I Herfindal, J Odden, K Skogen, ...
Factors affecting Eurasian lynx kill rates on semi-domestic reindeer in northern Scandinavia: Can ecological research contribute to the development of a fair compensation system?
J Mattisson, J Odden, EB Nilsen, JDC Linnell, J Persson, H Andrén
Biological conservation 144 (12), 3009-3017, 2011
Moose harvesting strategies in the presence of wolves
EB Nilsen, T Pettersen, H Gundersen, JM Milner, A Mysterud, EJ Solberg, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 42 (2), 389-399, 2005
Elgen i Norge sett med jegerøyne. En analyse av jaktmaterialet fra overvå-kingsprogrammet for elg og det samlede sett elg-materialet for perioden 1966-2004
EJ Solberg, CM Rolandsen, M Heim, V Grøtan, M Garel, BE Sæther, ...
NINA rapport, 2006
Patterns of hunting mortality in Norwegian moose (Alces alces) populations
EB Nilsen, EJ Solberg
European Journal of Wildlife Research 52 (3), 153-163, 2006
The spatio‐temporal distribution of wild and domestic ungulates modulates lynx kill rates in a multi‐use landscape
V Gervasi, EB Nilsen, J Odden, Y Bouyer, JDC Linnell
Journal of Zoology 292 (3), 175-183, 2014
Patterns of variation in reproductive parameters in Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
EB Nilsen, JDC Linnell, J Odden, G Samelius, H Andrén
Acta theriologica 57 (3), 217-223, 2012
Implementation uncertainty when using recreational hunting to manage carnivores
R Bischof, EB Nilsen, H Brøseth, P Männil, J Ozoliņš, JDC Linnell
Journal of Applied Ecology 49 (4), 824-832, 2012
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