Isabel Afán Asencio
Isabel Afán Asencio
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Climate impacts on global hot spots of marine biodiversity
F Ramírez, I Afán, LS Davis, A Chiaradia
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Feathered detectives: real-time GPS tracking of scavenging gulls pinpoints illegal waste dumping
J Navarro, D Grémillet, I Afán, F Ramírez, W Bouten, MG Forero
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Adapting to a Changing World: Unraveling the Role of Man-Made Habitats as Alternative Feeding Areas for Slender-Billed Gull (Chroicocephalus genei)
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Intra-and interspecific niche partitioning in striped and common dolphins inhabiting the southwestern Mediterranean Sea
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A novel spatio-temporal scale based on ocean currents unravels environmental drivers of reproductive timing in a marine predator
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Drone monitoring of breeding waterbird populations: the case of the glossy ibis
I Afán, M Máñez, R Díaz-Delgado
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Pathogen transmission risk by opportunistic gulls moving across human landscapes
J Navarro, D Grémillet, I Afán, F Miranda, W Bouten, MG Forero, ...
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Senecio pterophorus DC., a new alien species in the European mainland
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Hyperspectral sensors as a management tool to prevent the invasion of the exotic cordgrass spartina densiflora in the doñana wetlands
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Sociospatial structuration of alternative breeding strategies in a color polymorphic raptor
L Gangoso, I Afán, JM Grande, J Figuerola
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Seasonal and circadian biases in bird tracking with solar GPS-tags
R Silva, I Afán, JA Gil, J Bustamante
PloS one 12 (10), e0185344, 2017
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