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Prediction of bird‐day carrying capacity on a staging site: a test of depletion models
BA Nolet, A Gyimesi, RHG Klaassen
Journal of animal ecology 75 (6), 1285-1292, 2006
A first approach to deal with cumulative effects on birds and bats of offshore wind farms and other human activities in the Southern North Sea. IMARES Report C166/14
MF Leopold, M Boonman, MP Collier, N Davaasuren, RC Fijn, A Gyimesi, ...
Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca: an introduced species spreading in and from the Netherlands
A Gyimesi, R Lensink
Wildfowl 62 (62), 128-145, 2012
Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus thriving on a non-marine diet
A Gyimesi, TJ Boudewijn, RJ Buijs, JZ Shamoun-Baranes, JW de Jong, ...
Bird Study 63 (2), 241-249, 2016
Risk analysis of the Egyptian Goose in The Netherlands; biology and management options
A Gyimesi, R Lensink
Rapport, 2010
Avian herbivory: an experiment, a field test, and an allometric comparison with mammals
JA Van Gils, A Gyimesi, B Van Lith
Ecology 88 (11), 2926-2935, 2007
Cryptic interference competition in swans foraging on cryptic prey
A Gyimesi, RA Stillman, BA Nolet
Animal Behaviour 80 (5), 791-797, 2010
Reduced tuber banks of fennel pondweed due to summer grazing by waterfowl
A Gyimesi, PP de Vries, T de Boer, BA Nolet
Aquatic Botany 94 (1), 24-28, 2011
Commensal Foraging with Bewick's Swans Cygnus bewickii Doubles Instantaneous Intake Rate of Common Pochards Aythya ferina
A Gyimesi, B Lith, BA Nolet
Ardea 100 (1), 55-62, 2012
Human disturbance of Bewick's Swans is reflected in giving‐up net energy intake rate, but not in giving‐up food density
A Gyimesi, MS Franken, N Feige, BA Nolet
Ibis 154 (4), 781-790, 2012
Mallards feed longer to maintain intake rate under competition on a natural food distribution
JGB van Dijk, S Duijns, A Gyimesi, WF de Boer, BA Nolet
Ethology 118 (2), 169-177, 2012
Nonlinear effects of food aggregation on interference competition in mallards
A Gyimesi, EP van Rooij, BA Nolet
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 64 (11), 1897-1904, 2010
Net energy intake rate as a common currency to explain swan spatial distribution in a shallow lake
A Gyimesi, S Varghese, J De Leeuw, BA Nolet
Wetlands 32 (1), 119-127, 2012
Behaviour related flight speeds of Sandwich Terns and their implications for wind farm collision rate modelling and impact assessment
RC Fijn, A Gyimesi
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 71, 12-16, 2018
Pre-migratory behaviour of the Purple Heron in the Netherlands
JD Winden, PWV Horssen, MJM Poot, A Gyimesi
Ardeola 59 (1), 3-15, 2012
Habitat use, feeding ecology and reproductive success of Lesser black-backed gulls breeding in Lake Volkerak
A Gyimesi, TJ Boudewijn, MJM Poot, RJ Buijs
Final Report, 10-234, 2011
Predicting effects of water regime changes on waterbirds: Insights from staging swans
BA Nolet, A Gyimesi, RRD Van Krimpen, WF de Boer, RA Stillman
PLoS One 11 (2), e0147340, 2016
Trends en verspreiding van zeevogels en zeezoogdieren op het Nederlands Continentaal Plat in 2014-2015
RC Fijn, FA Arts, JW de Jong, MP Collier, BWR Engels, M Hoekstein, ...
Bureau Waardenburg Rapportnr, 15-179, 2015
Lower foraging efficiency of offspring constrains use of optimal habitat in birds with extended parental care
BA Nolet, A Gyimesi, B van Lith
Ibis 156 (2), 387-394, 2014
van der Wal
MF Leopold, M Boonman, MP Collier, N Davaasuren, RC Fijn, A Gyimesi, ...
JT & Scholl, M, 2014
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