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Prediction of bird‐day carrying capacity on a staging site: a test of depletion models
BA Nolet, A Gyimesi, RHG Klaassen
Journal of animal ecology 75 (6), 1285-1292, 2006
A first approach to deal with cumulative effects on birds and bats of offshore wind farms and other human activities in the Southern North Sea. IMARES Report C166/14
MF Leopold, M Boonman, MP Collier, N Davaasuren, RC Fijn, A Gyimesi, ...
Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca: an introduced species spreading in and from the Netherlands
A Gyimesi, R Lensink
Wildfowl 62 (62), 128-145, 2012
Risk analysis of the Egyptian Goose in The Netherlands; biology and management options
A Gyimesi, R Lensink
Rapport, 2010
Avian herbivory: an experiment, a field test, and an allometric comparison with mammals
JA Van Gils, A Gyimesi, B Van Lith
Ecology 88 (11), 2926-2935, 2007
Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus thriving on a non-marine diet
A Gyimesi, TJ Boudewijn, RJ Buijs, JZ Shamoun-Baranes, JW de Jong, ...
Bird Study 63 (2), 241-249, 2016
Cryptic interference competition in swans foraging on cryptic prey
A Gyimesi, RA Stillman, BA Nolet
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Reduced tuber banks of fennel pondweed due to summer grazing by waterfowl
A Gyimesi, PP de Vries, T de Boer, BA Nolet
Aquatic Botany 94 (1), 24-28, 2011
Human disturbance of Bewick's Swans is reflected in giving‐up net energy intake rate, but not in giving‐up food density
A Gyimesi, MS Franken, N Feige, BA Nolet
Ibis 154 (4), 781-790, 2012
Commensal Foraging with Bewick's Swans Cygnus bewickii Doubles Instantaneous Intake Rate of Common Pochards Aythya ferina
A Gyimesi, B Lith, BA Nolet
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Nonlinear effects of food aggregation on interference competition in mallards
A Gyimesi, EP van Rooij, BA Nolet
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Mallards feed longer to maintain intake rate under competition on a natural food distribution
JGB van Dijk, S Duijns, A Gyimesi, WF de Boer, BA Nolet
Ethology 118 (2), 169-177, 2012
Net energy intake rate as a common currency to explain swan spatial distribution in a shallow lake
A Gyimesi, S Varghese, J De Leeuw, BA Nolet
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Pre-migratory behaviour of the Purple Heron in the Netherlands
JD Winden, PWV Horssen, MJM Poot, A Gyimesi
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Behaviour related flight speeds of Sandwich Terns and their implications for wind farm collision rate modelling and impact assessment
RC Fijn, A Gyimesi
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 71, 12-16, 2018
Predicting effects of water regime changes on waterbirds: Insights from staging swans
BA Nolet, A Gyimesi, RRD Van Krimpen, WF de Boer, RA Stillman
PLoS One 11 (2), e0147340, 2016
Lower foraging efficiency of offspring constrains use of optimal habitat in birds with extended parental care
BA Nolet, A Gyimesi, B van Lith
Ibis 156 (2), 387-394, 2014
Habitat use, feeding ecology and reproductive success of Lesser black-backed gulls breeding in Lake Volkerak
A Gyimesi, TJ Boudewijn, MJM Poot, RJ Buijs
Final Report, 10-234, 2011
Trends en verspreiding van zeevogels en zeezoogdieren op het Nederlands Continentaal Plat in 2014-2015
RC Fijn, FA Arts, JW de Jong, MP Collier, BWR Engels, M Hoekstein, ...
Bureau Waardenburg Rapportnr, 15-179, 2015
Iteration cycle: dealing with peaks in counts of birds following active fishing vessels when assessing cumulative effects of offshore wind farms and other human activities in …
MF Leopold, MP Collier, A Gyimesi, RH Jongbloed, MJM Poot, ...
Additional note to IMARES report, 2015
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