Vidar Grøtan
Vidar Grøtan
Associate Professor, Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics, Department of Biology, NTNU
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Climate events synchronize the dynamics of a resident vertebrate community in the high Arctic
BB Hansen, V Grøtan, R Aanes, BE Sæther, A Stien, E Fuglei, RA Ims, ...
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Population growth in a wild bird is buffered against phenological mismatch
TE Reed, V Grøtan, S Jenouvrier, BE Sæther, ME Visser
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Seasonal cycles of species diversity and similarity in a tropical butterfly community
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Spatial and temporal variation in the relative contribution of density dependence, climate variation and migration to fluctuations in the size of great tit populations
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Age, size, and spatiotemporal variation in ovulation patterns of a seasonal breeder, the Norwegian moose (Alces alces)
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Change-in-sex ratio as an estimator of population size for Norwegian moose Alces alces
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How are species interactions structured in species-rich communities? A new method for analysing time-series data
O Ovaskainen, G Tikhonov, D Dunson, V Grøtan, S Engen, BE Sæther, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1855), 20170768, 2017
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