John  L. Stoddard
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Dissolved organic carbon trends resulting from changes in atmospheric deposition chemistry
DT Monteith, JL Stoddard, CD Evans, HA De Wit, M Forsius, T Høgåsen, ...
Nature 450 (7169), 537-540, 2007
Acidic Deposition in the Northeastern United States: Sources and Inputs, Ecosystem Effects, and Management Strategies: The effects of acidic deposition in the northeastern …
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Long-term changes in watershed retention of nitrogen: its causes and aquatic consequences
JL Stoddard
Is nitrogen deposition altering the nitrogen status of northeastern forests?
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The role of nitrate in the acidification of streams in the Catskill Mountains of New York
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Development and evaluation of a macroinvertebrate biotic integrity index (MBII) for regionally assessing Mid-Atlantic Highlands streams
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Continental-scale increase in lake and stream phosphorus: are oligotrophic systems disappearing in the United States?
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Striving for consistency in a national assessment: the challenges of applying a reference-condition approach at a continental scale
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Condition of stream ecosystems in the US: an overview of the first national assessment
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A structured approach for developing indices of biotic integrity: three examples from streams and rivers in the western USA
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Soil calcium status and the response of stream chemistry to changing acidic deposition rates
GB Lawrence, MB David, GM Lovett, PS Murdoch, DA Burns, JL Stoddard, ...
Ecological Applications 9 (3), 1059-1072, 1999
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