Zarin Machanda
Zarin Machanda
Departments of Anthropology and Biology, Tufts University
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Chimpanzee alarm call production meets key criteria for intentionality
AM Schel, SW Townsend, Z Machanda, K Zuberbühler, KE Slocombe
PloS one 8 (10), e76674, 2013
Phylogenetic rate shifts in feeding time during the evolution of Homo
C Organ, CL Nunn, Z Machanda, RW Wrangham
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Chimpanzee food calls are directed at specific individuals
AM Schel, Z Machanda, SW Townsend, K Zuberbühler, KE Slocombe
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TM Smith, Z Machanda, AB Bernard, RM Donovan, AM Papakyrikos, ...
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Distribution of a chimpanzee social custom is explained by matrilineal relationship rather than conformity
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Production of and responses to unimodal and multimodal signals in wild chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii
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Chimpanzees with positive welfare are happier, extraverted, and emotionally stable
LM Robinson, DM Altschul, EK Wallace, Y Úbeda, M Llorente, ...
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Enamel thickness in Bornean and Sumatran orangutan dentitions
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Journal of Human Evolution 110, 82-94, 2017
Dental eruption in East African wild chimpanzees
Z Machanda, NF Brazeau, AB Bernard, RM Donovan, AM Papakyrikos, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 82, 137-144, 2015
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