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Advection of zooplankton in an Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard)
SL Basedow, K Eiane, V Tverberg, M Spindler
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Seasonal variation in transport of zooplankton into the Arctic Basin through the Atlantic gateway, Fram Strait
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Sinking Organic Particles in the Ocean—Flux Estimates From in situ Optical Devices
SLC Giering, EL Cavan, SL Basedow, N Briggs, AB Burd, LJ Darroch, ...
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Cannibalism by female Calanus finmarchicus on naupliar stages
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Capturing quantitative zooplankton information in the sea: performance test of laser optical plankton counter and video plankton recorder in a Calanus finmarchicus dominated …
SL Basedow, KS Tande, MF Norrbin, SA Kristiansen
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Remote sensing of zooplankton swarms
SL Basedow, D McKee, I Lefering, A Gislason, M Daase, E Trudnowska, ...
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Mid-summer mesozooplankton biomass, its size distribution, and estimated production within a glacial Arctic fjord (Hornsund, Svalbard)
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Secondary production at the polar front, barents sea, August 2007
SL Basedow, M Zhou, KS Tande
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Physical structure of the Barents Sea Polar Front near Storbanken in August 2007
S Våge, SL Basedow, KS Tande, M Zhou
Journal of Marine Systems 130, 256-262, 2014
Measuring copepod abundance in deep‐water winter habitats in the NE Norwegian Sea: Intercomparison of results from laser optical plankton counter and multinet
F Gaardsted, KS Tande, SL BASEDOW
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I Wiedmann, M Reigstad, A Sundfjord, S Basedow
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Climatic forcing of zooplankton dynamics is stronger during low densities of planktivorous fish
LC Stige, DL Lajus, KS Chan, P Dalpadado, SL Basedow, I Berchenko, ...
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Trophic positions of mesozooplankton across the North Atlantic: estimates derived from biovolume spectrum theories and stable isotope analyses
SL Basedow, NAL De Silva, A Bode, J Van Beusekorn
Journal of Plankton Research 38 (6), 1364-1378, 2016
A major Calanus finmarchicus overwintering population inside a deep fjord in northern Norway: implications for cod larvae recruitment success
B Espinasse, SL Basedow, V Tverberg, T Hattermann, K Eiane
Journal of Plankton Research 38 (3), 604-609, 2016
Field demonstration of a novel towed, area bubble-plume zooplankton (Calanus sp.) harvester
E Grimaldo, I Leifer, SH Gjøsund, RB Larsen, H Jeuthe, S Basedow
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Habitat selection by a marine copepod during the productive season in the Subarctic
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Conditions for assessing zooplankton abundance with LOPC in coastal waters
B Espinasse, S Basedow, S Schultes, M Zhou, L Berline, F Carlotti
Progress in oceanography 163, 260-270, 2018
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