Jan Ellenberg
Jan Ellenberg
Head of Unit & Senior Scientist, Cell Biology & Biophysics Unit, EMBL
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RNF168 binds and amplifies ubiquitin conjugates on damaged chromosomes to allow accumulation of repair proteins
C Doil, N Mailand, S Bekker-Jensen, P Menard, DH Larsen, R Pepperkok, ...
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Phenotypic profiling of the human genome by time-lapse microscopy reveals cell division genes
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The quantitative proteome of a human cell line
M Beck, A Schmidt, J Malmstroem, M Claassen, A Ori, A Szymborska, ...
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Cyclic, proteasome-mediated turnover of unliganded and liganded ERα on responsive promoters is an integral feature of estrogen signaling
G Reid, MR Hübner, R Métivier, H Brand, S Denger, D Manu, ...
Molecular cell 11 (3), 695-707, 2003
Nuclear membrane dynamics and reassembly in living cells: targeting of an inner nuclear membrane protein in interphase and mitosis
J Ellenberg, ED Siggia, JE Moreira, CL Smith, JF Presley, HJ Worman, ...
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Topologically associating domains and chromatin loops depend on cohesin and are regulated by CTCF, WAPL, and PDS5 proteins
G Wutz, C Várnai, K Nagasaka, DA Cisneros, RR Stocsits, W Tang, ...
The EMBO journal 36 (24), 3573-3599, 2017
Kinetic analysis of secretory protein traffic and characterization of Golgi to plasma membrane transport intermediates in living cells
K Hirschberg, CM Miller, J Ellenberg, JF Presley, ED Siggia, RD Phair, ...
The Journal of cell biology 143 (6), 1485-1503, 1998
Minimizing the risk of reporting false positives in large-scale RNAi screens
CJ Echeverri, PA Beachy, B Baum, M Boutros, F Buchholz, SK Chanda, ...
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Self-organization of MTOCs replaces centrosome function during acentrosomal spindle assembly in live mouse oocytes
M Schuh, J Ellenberg
Cell 130 (3), 484-498, 2007
Nuclear envelope breakdown proceeds by microtubule-induced tearing of the lamina
J Beaudouin, D Gerlich, N Daigle, R Eils, J Ellenberg
Cell 108 (1), 83-96, 2002
A proposal for validation of antibodies
M Uhlen, A Bandrowski, S Carr, A Edwards, J Ellenberg, E Lundberg, ...
Nature methods 13 (10), 823-827, 2016
Systematic analysis of human protein complexes identifies chromosome segregation proteins
JRA Hutchins, Y Toyoda, B Hegemann, I Poser, JK Hériché, MM Sykora, ...
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Ki-67 acts as a biological surfactant to disperse mitotic chromosomes
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Mapping the dynamic organization of the nuclear pore complex inside single living cells
G Rabut, V Doye, J Ellenberg
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High-throughput fluorescence microscopy for systems biology
R Pepperkok, J Ellenberg
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 7 (9), 690-696, 2006
Molecular crowding affects diffusion and binding of nuclear proteins in heterochromatin and reveals the fractal organization of chromatin
A Bancaud, S Huet, N Daigle, J Mozziconacci, J Beaudouin, J Ellenberg
The EMBO journal 28 (24), 3785-3798, 2009
Nuclear pore complexes form immobile networks and have a very low turnover in live mammalian cells
N Daigle, J Beaudouin, L Hartnell, G Imreh, E Hallberg, ...
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High-throughput RNAi screening by time-lapse imaging of live human cells
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Nuclear pore scaffold structure analyzed by super-resolution microscopy and particle averaging
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Science 341 (6146), 655-658, 2013
MINFLUX nanoscopy delivers 3D multicolor nanometer resolution in cells
KC Gwosch, JK Pape, F Balzarotti, P Hoess, J Ellenberg, J Ries, SW Hell
Nature methods 17 (2), 217-224, 2020
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