Jose A. Masero
Jose A. Masero
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Predation risk on incubating adults constrains the choice of thermally favourable nest sites in a plover
JA Amat, JA Masero
Animal Behaviour 67 (2), 293-300, 2004
Assessing alternative anthropogenic habitats for conserving waterbirds: salinas as buffer areas against the impact of natural habitat loss for shorebirds
JA Masero
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Intake rates and the functional response in shorebirds (Charadriiformes) eating macro-invertebrates
JD Goss-Custard, AD West, MG Yates, RWG Caldow, RA Stillman, ...
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Complementary use of intertidal mudflats and adjacent salinas by foraging waders
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Food supply for waders (Aves: Charadrii) in an estuarine area in the Bay of Cadiz (SW Iberian Peninsula)
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Identifying new buffer areas for conserving waterbirds in the Mediterranean basin: the importance of the rice fields in Extremadura, Spain
JM Sánchez-Guzmán, R Morán, JA Masero, C Corbacho, E Costillo, ...
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JA Amat, JA Masero
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Quality Status Report 2000: Region IV: Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast
OSPAR Commission for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North ...
OSPAR Commission for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North …, 2000
A global threats overview for Numeniini populations: synthesising expert knowledge for a group of declining migratory birds
JW Pearce-Higgins, DJ Brown, DJT Douglas, JA Alves, M Bellio, P Bocher, ...
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When S iberia came to the N etherlands: the response of continental black‐tailed godwits to a rare spring weather event
NR Senner, MA Verhoeven, JM Abad‐Gómez, JS Gutiérrez, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (5), 1164-1176, 2015
Understanding the energetic costs of living in saline environments: effects of salinity on basal metabolic rate, body mass and daily energy consumption of a long-distance …
JS Gutiérrez, JA Masero, JM Abad-Gómez, A Villegas, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 214 (5), 829-835, 2011
Long lengths of stay, large numbers, and trends of the Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa in rice fields during spring migration
JA Masero, F Santiago-Quesada, JM Sanchez-Guzman, A Villegas, ...
Bird Conservation International 21 (1), 12-24, 2011
Measuring potential negative effects of traditional harvesting practices on waterbirds: a case study with migrating curlews
JG Navedo, JA Masero
Animal Conservation 10 (1), 88-94, 2007
Estimating the size of the Dutch breeding population of Continental Black-tailed Godwits from 2007–2015 using resighting data from spring staging sites
R Kentie, NR Senner, JCEW Hooijmeijer, R Márquez-Ferrando, ...
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JA Amat, JA Masero
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Latitudinal-Related Variation in Wintering Population Trends of Greylag Geese (Anser Anser) along the Atlantic Flyway: A Response to Climate Change?
C Ramo, JA Amat, L Nilsson, V Schricke, M Rodríguez-Alonso, ...
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Unravelling trophic subsidies of agroecosystems for biodiversity conservation: Food consumption and nutrient recycling by waterbirds in Mediterranean rice fields
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Functional ecology of saltglands in shorebirds: flexible responses to variable environmental conditions
JS Gutiérrez, MW Dietz, JA Masero, RE Gill Jr, A Dekinga, PF Battley, ...
Functional Ecology 26 (1), 236-244, 2012
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