Brynjar Lia
Brynjar Lia
Professor of Middle East Studies at University of Oslo
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Sitert av
The Society of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt: the rise of an Islamic mass movement, 1928-1942
B Lia
Ithaca Press, 1998
Architect of Global Jihad: The Life of al-Qaeda Strategist Abu Mus'ab al-Suri
B Lia
Columbia University Press; Oxford University Press & Hurst, 2007
Globalisation and the Future of Terrorism: Patterns and Predictions
B Lia
Routledge, 2005
Jihadi Strategic Studies: The alleged Al Qaeda policy study preceding the Madrid bombings
B Lia, T Hegghammer
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 27 (5), 355-375, 2004
Understanding Jihadi Proto-States
B Lia
Perspectives on Terrorism 9 (4), 31-41, 2015
Causes of terrorism: An expanded and updated review of the literature
B Lia, K Skjølberg
Kjeller: FFI Research Report No.2004/04307. URL: http://www.ffi.no/no …, 2004
A Police Force without a State: A history of the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and Gaza
B Lia
Ithaca Press, 2006
Doctrines for Jihadi Terrorist Training
B Lia
Terrorism and Political Violence 20 (4), 518-542, 2008
Why Terrorism Occurs: A survey of theories and hypotheses on the causes of terrorism
B Lia, K Skjølberg
Kjeller: FFI Research Report No.2000/02769. URL: http://www.ffi.no/no …, 2000
Building Arafat's Police: The politics of international police assistance in the Palestinian territories after the Oslo Agreement
B Lia
Ithaca Press, 2007
Paths to Global Jihad: radicalisation and recruitment to terror networks
L Bokhari, T Hegghammer, B Lia, P Nesser, T Tønnessen
Kjeller: FFI Research Report No.2006/00935. URL: http://www.ffi.no/no …, 2006
Al-Qaida’s Appeal: Understanding its unique selling points
B Lia
Perspectives on Terrorism 2 (8), 31-41, 2010
Islamist Insurgencies, Diasporic Support Networks, and Their Host States: The case of the Algerian GIA in Europe 1993-2000
B Lia, Å Kjøk
Kjeller: FFI Research Report No.2001/03789. URL: http://www.ffi.no/no …, 2001
Al-Qaeda Online: Understanding Jihadist Internet Infrastructure
B Lia
Janes Intelligence Review 18 (1), 16, 2005
Jihadism in the Arab World after 2011: Explaining Its Expansion
B Lia
Middle East Policy 23 (4), 74-91, 2016
Forebygging av radikalisering og voldelig ekstremisme på internett
IM Sunde, P Nesser, B Lia, A Stenersen, JA Ravndal
Politihøgskolen, 2013
‘Destructive Doctrinarians’: Abu Mus‘ab al-Suri’s Critique of the Salafis in the Jihadi Current
B Lia
R Meijer (ed.) Global Salafism: Islam’s New Religious Movement, 249-268, 2009
Security Challenges in Europe's Mediterranean Periphery: Perspectives and policy dilemmas
B Lia
European Security 8 (4), 27-56, 1999
The Islamist Uprising in Syria, 1976–82: The History and Legacy of a Failed Revolt
B Lia
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 43 (4), 541-559, 2016
Al-Suri’s Doctrines for Decentralized Jihadi Training (part 1 & 2)
B Lia
Terrorism Monitor 5 (1,2), 2007
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