Katja Koehler-Cole
Katja Koehler-Cole
Research Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Cover crop biomass production in temperate agroecozones
SJ Ruis, H Blanco‐Canqui, CF Creech, K Koehler‐Cole, RW Elmore, ...
Agronomy Journal 111 (4), 1535-1551, 2019
Cover crop productivity and subsequent soybean yield in the western Corn Belt
K Koehler‐Cole, RW Elmore, H Blanco‐Canqui, CA Francis, CA Shapiro, ...
Agronomy Journal 112 (4), 2649-2663, 2020
Impacts of cover crop planting dates on soils after four years
SJ Ruis, H Blanco‐Canqui, RW Elmore, C Proctor, K Koehler‐Cole, ...
Agronomy Journal 112 (3), 1649-1665, 2020
Cover crops have negligible impact on soil water in Nebraska maize–soybean rotation
JB Barker, DM Heeren, K Koehler‐Cole, CA Shapiro, H Blanco‐Canqui, ...
Agronomy Journal 110 (5), 1718-1730, 2018
Is allelopathy from winter cover crops affecting row crops?
K Koehler‐Cole, SE Everhart, Y Gu, CA Proctor, M Marroquin‐Guzman, ...
Agricultural & Environmental Letters 5 (1), e20015, 2020
Seeding rates and productivity of broadcast interseeded cover crops
K Koehler-Cole, RW Elmore
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Clover green manure productivity and weed suppression in an organic grain rotation
K Koehler-Cole, JR Brandle, CA Francis, CA Shapiro, EE Blankenship, ...
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 32 (5), 474-483, 2017
Winter cover crop root biomass yield in corn and soybean systems
SJ Ruis, H Blanco‐Canqui, K Koehler‐Cole, PJ Jasa, G Slater, ...
Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 3 (1), e20101, 2020
Spring-planted cover crops for weed control in soybean
K Koehler-Cole, CA Proctor, RW Elmore, DA Wedin
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 36 (5), 501-508, 2021
The Decomposition Rates and Nutrient Release of Different Cover Crops in Organic Farm Systems
J Shi, JR Brandle, K Koehler-Cole, C McFadden, C Shapiro, T Loecke, ...
agriculture & horticulture 16, 311-328, 2013
Effect of cover cropping on soil organic matter characteristics: Insights from a five-year field experiment in Nebraska
CO Anuo, JA Cooper, K Koehler-Cole, S Ramirez II, M Kaiser
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 347, 108393, 2023
Cover crops and soil health in rainfed and irrigated corn: What did we learn after 8 years?
H Blanco‐Canqui, SJ Ruis, K Koehler‐Cole, RW Elmore, CA Francis, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 87 (5), 1174-1190, 2023
Comparing cover crop research in farmer-led and researcher-led experiments in the Western Corn Belt
K Koehler-Cole, A Basche, L Thompson, J Rees
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 7, 1064251, 2023
Productivity of FieldPea (Pisumsativum L.) and Spring Oat (Avena sativa L.) Grown as Sole and Intercrops Under Different Nitrogen Levels
C Han, C Borman, D Osantowski, J Wagnitz, K Koehler-Cole, K Korus, ...
Journal of Agricultural Science 4 (11), 136, 2012
Simulated impacts of winter rye cover crop on continuous corn yield and soil parameters
G Birru, A Shiferaw, T Tadesse, MR Schmer, VL Jin, B Wardlow, ...
Agronomy Journal 115 (3), 1114-1130, 2023
Cover crop planting practices determine their performance in the US Corn Belt
K Koehler‐Cole, RW Elmore, H Blanco‐Canqui, CA Francis, CA Shapiro, ...
Agronomy Journal 115 (2), 526-543, 2023
Optimizing cover crop decisions for enhanced climate change adaptation, mitigation, and agro-ecosystem benefits
A Shiferaw, G Birru, B Wardlow, T Tadesse, M Schmer, V Jin, T Awada, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2021, GC35D-0727, 2021
Cover Crops: A Primer
JJ Miller, K Koehler-Cole, R Werle, D Redfearn
Carbon and nitrogen content of winter cover crop dry matter
N Holste, K Koehler-Cole, R Elmore
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2016
Introducing green manures in an organic soybean–winter wheat–corn rotation: Effects on crop yields, soil nitrate, and weeds
K Koehler-Cole
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2015
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