Vegar Ottesen
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The design of simple bacterial microarrays: Development towards immobilizing single living bacteria on predefined micro-sized spots on patterned surfaces
NB Arnfinnsdottir, V Ottesen, R Lale, M Sletmoen
PloS one 10 (6), 2015
Viability and properties of roll-to-roll coating of cellulose nanofibrils on recycled paperboard
V Ottesen, V Kumar, M Toivakka, GC Carrasco, K Syverud, ØW Gregersen
Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 32 (2), 179-188, 2017
Coatability of cellulose nanofibril suspensions: role of rheology and water retention
V Kumar, V Ottesen, K Syverud, ØW Gregersen, M Toivakka
BioResources 12 (4), 7656-7679, 2017
Mixing of cellulose nanofibrils and individual furnish components: Effects on paper properties and structure
V Ottesen, K Syverud, ØW Gregersen
Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal 31 (3), 441-447, 2016
Mechanical properties of cellulose nanofibril films: effects of crystallinity and its modification by treatment with liquid anhydrous ammonia
V Ottesen, PT Larsson, G Chinga-Carrasco, K Syverud, ØW Gregersen
Cellulose 26 (11), 6615-6627, 2019
A brief review of nanocellulose based hybrid membranes for CO2 separation
Z Dai, V Ottesen, J Deng, RML Helberg, L Deng
Fibers 7 (5), 40, 2019
Bacterial Microarrays by Microcontact Printing: Development of a Method for Immobilizing Live Bacteria on Microarrays
V Ottesen
Institutt for fysikk, 2014
Cellulose Nanofibrils as Paper Additive and Coating Material: Properties, Distribution and Interaction Effects
V Ottesen
NTNU, 2018
Focused ion beam tomography as a means for characterization of CNF in a paper matrix
V Ottesen, ED Roede, K Syverud, ØW Gregersen
16th Fundamental Research symposium, Oxford, 3-8 September 2017, 595-609, 2017
Nanocellulose Properties of Interest for Paper and Packaging
V Ottesen, Ø Gregersen, K Syverud
European Paper Week, 25th of November, Brussels, Belgium., 2014
Nanocellulose in Paper and Packaging
V Ottesen, Ø Gregersen, K Syverud
Presented at Cellulose Materials Doctoral Students Summer Conference 2014 …, 2014
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