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Atmospheric transport and deposition of microplastics in a remote mountain catchment
SBDG Steve Allen, Deonie Allen, Vernon R. Phoenix, Gaël Le Roux, Pilar ...
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Atmospheric microplastics: A review on current status and perspectives
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JS steve Allen, Deonie Allen, Kerry Moss, Gael Le Roux, Vernon Pheonix
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S Allen, D Allen, F Baladima, VR Phoenix, JL Thomas, G Le Roux, ...
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Micro(nano)plastics sources, fate, and effects: what we know after ten years of research
TRW Steve Allen, Deonie Allen, Samaneh Karbalaeic, Vittorio Maselli
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Gathering at the top? Environmental controls of microplastic uptake and biomagnification in freshwater food webs
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Current status and future perspectives of microplastic pollution in typical cryospheric regions
Y Zhang, T Gao, S Kang, H Shi, L Mai, D Allen, S Allen
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The potential for a plastic recycling facility to release microplastic pollution and possible filtration remediation effectiveness
E Brown, A MacDonald, S Allen, D Allen
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Global plastic treaty should address chemicals
T Dey, L Trasande, R Altman, Z Wang, A Krieger, M Bergmann, D Allen, ...
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VRP D. Allen, S. Allen, G. Le Roux, A. Simonneau, D. Galop
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Filling in the knowledge gap: Observing MacroPlastic litter in South Africa's rivers
K Moss, D Allen, D González-Fernández, S Allen
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Microplastic accumulation in endorheic river basins–The example of the Okavango Panhandle (Botswana)
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The short-term influence of cumulative, sequential rainfall-runoff flows on sediment retention and transport in selected SuDS devices
D Allen, H Haynes, V Olive, S Allen, S Arthur
Urban Water Journal 16 (6), 421-435, 2019
High Levels of Microplastics in the Arctic Sea Ice Alga Melosira arctica, a Vector to Ice-Associated and Benthic Food Webs
M Bergmann, S Allen, T Krumpen, D Allen
Environmental Science & Technology 57 (17), 6799-6807, 2023
Transport and deposition of ocean-sourced microplastic particles by a North Atlantic hurricane
AC Ryan, D Allen, S Allen, V Maselli, A LeBlanc, L Kelleher, S Krause, ...
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Y Zhang, S Kang, X Luo, T Shukla, T Gao, D Allen, S Allen, M Bergmann
Science bulletin 69 (5), 589-592, 2024
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