Yong (Norris) Zhang
Yong (Norris) Zhang
Tencent AI Lab
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Generalizing Face Forgery Detection with High-frequency Features
Y Luo, Y Zhang, J Yan, W Liu
CVPR, 16317-16326, 2021
High-fidelity gan inversion for image attribute editing
T Wang, Y Zhang, Y Fan, J Wang, Q Chen
CVPR 2022, 2022
Fatezero: Fusing attentions for zero-shot text-based video editing
C Qi, X Cun, Y Zhang, C Lei, X Wang, Y Shan, Q Chen
ICCV 2023 Oral, 2023
Self-supervised Learning of Adversarial Example: Towards Good Generalizations for Deepfake Detection
L Chen, Y Zhang, Y Song, L Liu, J Wang
CVPR 2022 Oral, 2022
Compressing convolutional neural networks via factorized convolutional filters
T Li, B Wu, Y Yang, Y Fan, Y Zhang, W Liu
CVPR, 3977-3986, 2019
FENeRF: Face Editing in Neural Radiance Fields
J Sun, X Wang, Y Zhang, X Li, Q Zhang, Y Liu, J Wang
CVPR 2022, 2022
Latent video diffusion models for high-fidelity long video generation
Y He, T Yang, Y Zhang, Y Shan, Q Chen
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.13221, 2022
LAS-AT: Adversarial Training with Learnable Attack Strategy
X Jia, Y Zhang, B Wu, K Ma, J Wang, X Cao
CVPR 2022 Oral, 2022
Styleheat: One-shot high-resolution editable talking face generation via pretrained stylegan
F Yin, Y Zhang, X Cun, M Cao, Y Fan, X Wang, Q Bai, B Wu, J Wang, ...
ECCV 2022, 2022
T2M-GPT: Generating Human Motion from Textual Descriptions with Discrete Representations
J Zhang, Y Zhang, X Cun, S Huang, Y Zhang, H Zhao, H Lu, X Shen
CVPR 2023, 2023
DAE-GAN: Dynamic Aspect-aware GAN for Text-to-Image Synthesis
S Ruan, Y Zhang, K Zhang, Y Fan, F Tang, Q Liu, E Chen
ICCV, 13960-13969, 2021
SadTalker: Learning Realistic 3D Motion Coefficients for Stylized Audio-Driven Single Image Talking Face Animation
W Zhang, X Cun, X Wang, Y Zhang, X Shen, Y Guo, Y Shan, F Wang
CVPR 2023, 2022
Tencent ml-images: A large-scale multi-label image database for visual representation learning
B Wu, W Chen, Y Fan, Y Zhang, J Hou, J Liu, T Zhang
IEEE Access 7, 172683-172693, 2019
Sparse adversarial attack via perturbation factorization
Y Fan, B Wu, T Li, Y Zhang, M Li, Z Li, Y Yang
ECCV, 35-50, 2020
Image inpainting with local and global refinement
W Quan, R Zhang, Y Zhang, Z Li, J Wang, DM Yan
TIP 2022 31, 2405-2420, 2022
Classifier learning with prior probabilities for facial action unit recognition
Y Zhang, W Dong, BG Hu, Q Ji
CVPR, 5108-5116, 2018
Probabilistic Modeling of Semantic Ambiguity for Scene Graph Generation
G Yang, J Zhang, Y Zhang, B Wu, Y Yang
CVPR, 12527-12536, 2021
Weakly-supervised deep convolutional neural network learning for facial action unit intensity estimation
Y Zhang, W Dong, BG Hu, Q Ji
CVPR, 2314-2323, 2018
Targeted Attack against Deep Neural Networks via Flipping Limited Weight Bits
J Bai, B Wu, Y Zhang, Y Li, Z Li, ST Xia
ICLR, 2021
Next3D: Generative Neural Texture Rasterization for 3D-Aware Head Avatars
J Sun, X Wang, L Wang, X Li, Y Zhang, H Zhang, Y Liu
CVPR 2023 Highlight, 2022
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