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ALS/FTD mutation-induced phase transition of FUS liquid droplets and reversible hydrogels into irreversible hydrogels impairs RNP granule function
T Murakami, S Qamar, JQ Lin, GSK Schierle, E Rees, A Miyashita, ...
Neuron 88 (4), 678-690, 2015
Oligodendrocyte progenitor cells become regionally diverse and heterogeneous with age
SO Spitzer, S Sitnikov, Y Kamen, KA Evans, D Kronenberg-Versteeg, ...
Neuron 101 (3), 459-471. e5, 2019
Blood and islet phenotypes indicate immunological heterogeneity in type 1 diabetes
S Arif, P Leete, V Nguyen, K Marks, NM Nor, M Estorninho, ...
Diabetes 63 (11), 3835-3845, 2014
TRANSPATH®: an information resource for storing and visualizing signaling pathways and their pathological aberrations
M Krull, S Pistor, N Voss, A Kel, I Reuter, D Kronenberg, H Michael, ...
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Inflammatory proteins in plasma are associated with severity of Alzheimer’s disease
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β-Cell–specific CD8 T cell phenotype in type 1 diabetes reflects chronic autoantigen exposure
A Skowera, K Ladell, JE McLaren, G Dolton, KK Matthews, E Gostick, ...
Diabetes 64 (3), 916-925, 2015
Circulating preproinsulin signal peptide–specific CD8 T cells restricted by the susceptibility molecule HLA-A24 are expanded at onset of type 1 diabetes and kill β-cells
D Kronenberg, RR Knight, M Estorninho, RJ Ellis, MG Kester, A De Ru, ...
Diabetes 61 (7), 1752-1759, 2012
Comparison of peptide–major histocompatibility complex tetramers and dextramers for the identification of antigen-specific T cells
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A reference human induced pluripotent stem cell line for large-scale collaborative studies
CB Pantazis, A Yang, E Lara, JA McDonough, C Blauwendraat, L Peng, ...
Cell stem cell 29 (12), 1685-1702. e22, 2022
Peripheral innate immune and bacterial signals relate to clinical heterogeneity in Parkinson’s disease
RS Wijeyekoon, D Kronenberg-Versteeg, KM Scott, S Hayat, WL Kuan, ...
Brain, behavior, and immunity 87, 473-488, 2020
Human β-cell killing by autoreactive preproinsulin-specific CD8 T cells is predominantly granule-mediated with the potency dependent upon T-cell receptor avidity
RR Knight, D Kronenberg, M Zhao, GC Huang, M Eichmann, A Bulek, ...
Diabetes 62 (1), 205-213, 2013
Combinatorial markers of mild cognitive impairment conversion to Alzheimer's disease-cytokines and MRI measures together predict disease progression
SJ Furney, D Kronenberg, A Simmons, A Güntert, RJ Dobson, P Proitsi, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 26 (s3), 395-405, 2011
Medin co-aggregates with vascular amyloid-β in Alzheimer’s disease
J Wagner, K Degenhardt, M Veit, N Louros, K Konstantoulea, A Skodras, ...
Nature 612 (7938), 123-131, 2022
Monocyte function in Parkinson's disease and the impact of autologous serum on phagocytosis
RS Wijeyekoon, D Kronenberg-Versteeg, KM Scott, S Hayat, JL Jones, ...
Frontiers in Neurology 9, 870, 2018
Molecular pathways for immune recognition of preproinsulin signal peptide in type 1 diabetes
D Kronenberg-Versteeg, M Eichmann, MA Russell, A de Ru, B Hehn, ...
Diabetes 67 (4), 687-696, 2018
Circulating β cell-specific CD8+ T cells restricted by high-risk HLA class I molecules show antigen experience in children with and at risk of type 1 diabetes
L Yeo, I Pujol-Autonell, R Baptista, M Eichmann, D Kronenberg-Versteeg, ...
Clinical & Experimental Immunology 199 (3), 263-277, 2020
Identification and characterisation of peptide binding motifs of six autoimmune disease‐associated human leukocyte antigen‐class I molecules including HLA‐B* 39: 06
M Eichmann, A De Ru, PA Van Veelen, M Peakman, ...
Tissue antigens 84 (4), 378-388, 2014
A novel approach to tracking antigen-experienced CD4 T cells into functional compartments via tandem deep and shallow TCR clonotyping
M Estorninho, VB Gibson, D Kronenberg-Versteeg, YF Liu, C Ni, ...
The Journal of Immunology 191 (11), 5430-5440, 2013
Prominent microglial inclusions in transgenic mouse models of α-synucleinopathy that are distinct from neuronal lesions
G Tanriöver, M Bacioglu, M Schweighauser, J Mahler, ...
Acta neuropathologica communications 8, 1-11, 2020
Microglial inclusions and neurofilament light chain release follow neuronal α-synuclein lesions in long-term brain slice cultures
M Barth, M Bacioglu, N Schwarz, R Novotny, J Brandes, M Welzer, ...
Molecular neurodegeneration 16 (1), 54, 2021
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