Jan Fredrik Hovden
Sitert av
Sitert av
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JF Hovden
The University of Bergen, 2008
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L Ahva, A Van Dalen, JF Hovden, GH Kolbeins, M Löfgren Nilsson, ...
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JF Hovden, H Moe
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A journalistic cosmology. A sketch of some social and mental structures of the Norwegian journalistic field
JF Hovden
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J Gripsrud, JF Hovden
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7. Role Orientations: Journalists’ Views on Their Place in Society
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JF Hovden, G Nygren, H Zilliacus-Tikkanen
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The structure of videogame preference
R Klevjer, JF Hovden
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JF Hovden, NN Kristensen
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G Bjørnsen, JF Hovden, R Ottosen
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