Stuart S. Levine
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Core transcriptional regulatory circuitry in human embryonic stem cells
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Mediator and cohesin connect gene expression and chromatin architecture
MH Kagey, JJ Newman, S Bilodeau, Y Zhan, DA Orlando, NL van Berkum, ...
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Mediator and cohesin connect gene expression and chromatin architecture
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Genome-wide map of nucleosome acetylation and methylation in yeast
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Dynamic and coordinated epigenetic regulation of developmental transitions in the cardiac lineage
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The core of the polycomb repressive complex is compositionally and functionally conserved in flies and humans
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Arsenic exposure perturbs the gut microbiome and its metabolic profile in mice: an integrated metagenomics and metabolomics analysis
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H2AZ is enriched at polycomb complex target genes in ES cells and is necessary for lineage commitment
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Aberrant chromatin at genes encoding stem cell regulators in human mixed-lineage leukemia
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Division of labor in polycomb group repression
SS Levine, IFG King, RE Kingston
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Single-cell transcriptomic profiling of the aging mouse brain
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miR-132, an experience-dependent microRNA, is essential for visual cortex plasticity
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Ketone body signaling mediates intestinal stem cell homeostasis and adaptation to diet
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Cell 178 (5), 1115-1131. e15, 2019
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