Sandra G.F. Bukkens
Sandra G.F. Bukkens
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The nutritional value of edible insects
SGF Bukkens
Ecology of Food and Nutrition 36 (2-4), 287-319, 1997
Insects in the human diet: nutritional aspects.
SGF Bukkens
Ecological implications of minilivestock: potential of insects, rodents …, 2005
Resource accounting for sustainability assessment
M Giampietro, RJ Aspinall, J Ramos-Martin, SGF Bukkens
Resource Accounting for Sustainability Assessment, 214-220, 2014
An innovative accounting framework for the food-energy-water nexus: Application of the MuSIASEM approach to three case studies
M Giampietro, RJ Aspinall, SGF Bukkens, JJC Benalcazar, FD Maurin, ...
Selenium status and cardiovascular risk factors in healthy Dutch subjects.
SG Bukkens, N de Vos, FJ Kok, EG Schouten, AM de Bruijn, A Hofman
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M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens, D Pimentel
Agricultural Systems 45 (1), 19-41, 1994
Labor productivity: a biophysical definition and assessment
M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens, D Pimentel
Human Ecology 21, 229-260, 1993
Why does the European Union produce biofuels? Examining consistency and plausibility in prevailing narratives with quantitative storytelling
JJ Cadillo-Benalcazar, SGF Bukkens, M Ripa, M Giampietro
Energy Research & Social Science 71, 101810, 2021
A holistic framework for the integrated assessment of urban waste management systems
R Chifari, SL Piano, SGF Bukkens, M Giampietro
Ecological Indicators 94, 24-36, 2018
General trends of technological changes in agriculture
M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens, D Pimentel
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 18 (3), 261-282, 1999
Analyzing the energy performance of manufacturing across levels using the end-use matrix
R Velasco-Fernández, M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens
Energy 161, 559-572, 2018
Multiple-scale integrated assessment of societal metabolism: an analytical tool to study development and sustainability
M Giampietro, K Mayumi, SGF Bukkens
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An optimum population for North and Latin America
D Pimentel, M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens
Population and Environment 20 (2), 125-148, 1998
Analogy between Sudoku and the multi-scale integrated analysis of societal metabolism
M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens
Ecological Informatics 26, 18-28, 2015
Biodiversity use and technical performance of freshwater fish aquaculture in different socioeconomic contexts: China and Italy
T Gomiero, M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens, MG Paoletti
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 62 (2-3), 169-185, 1997
Multi-scale integrated evaluation of the sustainability of large-scale use of alternative feeds in salmon aquaculture
JJ Cadillo-Benalcazar, M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens, R Strand
Journal of Cleaner Production 248, 119210, 2020
Sustainable development: scientific and ethical assessments
M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens
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Development of a municipal solid waste management decision support tool for Naples, Italy
R Chifari, A Renner, SL Piano, M Ripa, SGF Bukkens, M Giampietro
Journal of Cleaner Production 161, 1032-1043, 2017
MG Paoletti, SGF Bukkens
Linking Technology, Natural Resources, and Socioeconomic Structure of Human Society: Examples and Applications
M Giampietro, SGF Bukkens, D Pimentel
Advances in Human Ecology 6, 131-200, 1997
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