Adam J. Fletcher
Adam J. Fletcher
MRC University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research
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HIV-1 capsid-cyclophilin interactions determine nuclear import pathway, integration targeting and replication efficiency
T Schaller, KE Ocwieja, J Rasaiyaah, AJ Price, TL Brady, SL Roth, S Hué, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (12), e1002439, 2011
HIV-1 evades innate immune recognition through specific cofactor recruitment
J Rasaiyaah, CP Tan, AJ Fletcher, AJ Price, C Blondeau, L Hilditch, ...
Nature 503 (7476), 402-405, 2013
CPSF6 defines a conserved capsid interface that modulates HIV-1 replication
AJ Price, AJ Fletcher, T Schaller, T Elliott, KE Lee, VN KewalRamani, ...
Public Library of Science 8 (8), e1002896, 2012
Host cofactors and pharmacologic ligands share an essential interface in HIV-1 capsid that is lost upon disassembly
AJ Price, DA Jacques, WA McEwan, AJ Fletcher, S Essig, JW Chin, ...
PLoS pathogens 10 (10), e1004459, 2014
Sequential ubiquitination and deubiquitination enzymes synchronize the dual sensor and effector functions of TRIM21
AJ Fletcher, DL Mallery, RE Watkinson, CF Dickson, LC James
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (32), 10014-10019, 2015
TRIM 5α requires Ube2W to anchor Lys63‐linked ubiquitin chains and restrict reverse transcription
AJ Fletcher, DE Christensen, C Nelson, CP Tan, T Schaller, PJ Lehner, ...
The EMBO journal 34 (15), 2078-2095, 2015
Cyclophilin A levels dictate infection efficiency of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 capsid escape mutants A92E and G94D
LMJ Ylinen, T Schaller, A Price, AJ Fletcher, M Noursadeghi, LC James, ...
Journal of Virology 83 (4), 2044-2047, 2009
Trivalent RING assembly on retroviral capsids activates TRIM5 ubiquitination and innate immune signaling
AJ Fletcher, M Vaysburd, S Maslen, J Zeng, JM Skehel, GJ Towers, ...
Cell host & microbe 24 (6), 761-775. e6, 2018
Intracellular antibody signalling is regulated by phosphorylation of the Fc receptor TRIM21
C Dickson, AJ Fletcher, M Vaysburd, JC Yang, DL Mallery, J Zeng, ...
Elife 7, e32660, 2018
Drosophila pico and its mammalian ortholog lamellipodin activate serum response factor and promote cell proliferation
E Lyulcheva, E Taylor, M Michael, A Vehlow, S Tan, A Fletcher, M Krause, ...
Developmental cell 15 (5), 680-690, 2008
Structural basis for RING-Cys-Relay E3 ligase activity and its role in axon integrity
PD Mabbitt, A Loreto, MA Déry, AJ Fletcher, M Stanley, KC Pao, NT Wood, ...
Nature chemical biology 16 (11), 1227-1236, 2020
Endoplasmic reticulum degradation–enhancing α‐mannosidase–like protein 1 targets misfolded HLA–B27 dimers for endoplasmic reticulum–associated degradation
DB Guiliano, H Fussell, I Lenart, E Tsao, D Nesbeth, AJ Fletcher, ...
Arthritis & rheumatology 66 (11), 2976-2988, 2014
Coordinated neutralization and immune activation by the cytosolic antibody receptor TRIM21
AJ Fletcher, LC James
Journal of virology 90 (10), 4856-4859, 2016
Inhibition of retroviral replication by members of the TRIM protein family
AJ Fletcher, GJ Towers
Intrinsic Immunity, 29-66, 2013
Hare TRIM5α restricts divergent retroviruses and exhibits significant sequence variation from closely related lagomorpha TRIM5 genes
AJ Fletcher, S Hué, T Schaller, D Pillay, GJ Towers
Journal of virology 84 (23), 12463-12468, 2010
Antibodies attenuate the capacity of dendritic cells to stimulate HIV-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes
W Posch, S Cardinaud, C Hamimi, A Fletcher, A Mühlbacher, K Loacker, ...
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 130 (6), 1368-1374. e2, 2012
Photocrosslinking activity-based probes for ubiquitin RING E3 ligases
S Mathur, AJ Fletcher, E Branigan, RT Hay, S Virdee
Cell Chemical Biology 27 (1), 74-82. e6, 2020
Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus replication by cell membrane-crossing oligomers
W Posch, S Piper, T Lindhorst, B Werner, A Fletcher, H Bock, C Lass-Flörl, ...
Molecular Medicine 18 (1), 111-122, 2012
EDEM1 targets misfolded HLA-B27 dimers for endoplasmic reticulum associated degradation
DB Guiliano, H Fussell, I Lenart, E Tsao, D Nesbeth, AJ Fletcher, ...
Arthritis & rheumatology (Hoboken, NJ) 66 (11), 2976, 2014
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