Torbjørn Rognes
Torbjørn Rognes
Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo & Dept. of Microbiology, Oslo University Hospital
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VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
T Rognes, T Flouri, B Nichols, C Quince, F Mahé
PeerJ 4, e2584, 2016
RNAmmer: consistent and rapid annotation of ribosomal RNA genes
K Lagesen, P Hallin, EA Rødland, HH Stærfeldt, T Rognes, DW Ussery
Nucleic Acids Research 35 (9), 3100-3108, 2007
DNA repair in mammalian cells: Base excision repair: the long and short of it
AB Robertson, A Klungland, T Rognes, I Leiros
Cellular and molecular life sciences 66, 981-993, 2009
Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies
F Mahé, T Rognes, C Quince, C de Vargas, M Dunthorn
PeerJ 2, 593, 2014
Swarm v2: highly-scalable and high-resolution amplicon clustering
F Mahé, T Rognes, C Quince, C De Vargas, M Dunthorn
PeerJ 3, e1420, 2015
Opposite base-dependent reactions of a human base excision repair enzyme on DNA containing 7, 8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine and abasic sites
M Bjørås, L Luna, B Johnsen, E Hoff, T Haug, T Rognes, E Seeberg
The EMBO journal 16 (20), 6314-6322, 1997
Six-fold speed-up of Smith–Waterman sequence database searches using parallel processing on common microprocessors
T Rognes, E Seeberg
Bioinformatics 16 (8), 699-706, 2000
Human DNA glycosylases of the bacterial Fpg/MutM superfamily: an alternative pathway for the repair of 8‐oxoguanine and other oxidation products in DNA
I Morland, V Rolseth, L Luna, T Rognes, M Bjørås, E Seeberg
Nucleic acids research 30 (22), 4926-4936, 2002
Faster Smith-Waterman database searches with inter-sequence SIMD parallelisation
T Rognes
BMC Bioinformatics 12 (1), 221, 2011
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae Homologues of Endonuclease III from Escherichia coli, Ntg1 and Ntg2, Are Both Required for Efficient Repair of Spontaneous and …
I Alseth, L Eide, M Pirovano, T Rognes, E Seeberg, M Bjørås
Molecular and cellular biology 19 (5), 3779-3787, 1999
Open-source sequence clustering methods improve the state of the art
E Kopylova, JA Navas-Molina, C Mercier, ZZ Xu, F Mahé, Y He, HW Zhou, ...
MSystems 1 (1), e00003-15, 2016
Genome dynamics in major bacterial pathogens
OH Ambur, T Davidsen, SA Frye, SV Balasingham, K Lagesen, T Rognes, ...
FEMS microbiology reviews 33 (3), 453-470, 2009
ALKBH1 is a histone H2A dioxygenase involved in neural differentiation
R Ougland, D Lando, I Jonson, JA Dahl, MN Moen, LM Nordstrand, ...
Stem cells 30 (12), 2672-2682, 2012
Biased distribution of DNA uptake sequences towards genome maintenance genes
T Davidsen, EA Rødland, K Lagesen, E Seeberg, T Rognes, T Tønjum
Nucleic acids research 32 (3), 1050-1058, 2004
ParAlign: a parallel sequence alignment algorithm for rapid and sensitive database searches
T Rognes
Nucleic acids research 29 (7), 1647-1652, 2001
Cell-cycle regulation, intracellular sorting and induced overexpression of the human NTH1 DNA glycosylase involved in removal of formamidopyrimidine residues from DNA
L Luna, M Bjørås, E Hoff, T Rognes, E Seeberg
Mutation Research/DNA Repair 460 (2), 95-104, 2000
Determination of optimal local sequence alignment similarity score
T Rognes
US Patent 7,917,302, 2011
Incision at hypoxanthine residues in DNA by a mammalian homologue of the Escherichia coli antimutator enzyme endonuclease V
A Moe, J Ringvoll, LM Nordstrand, L Eide, M Bjørås, E Seeberg, ...
Nucleic acids research 31 (14), 3893-3900, 2003
Characterization of novel mutations in the catalytic domain of the PCSK9 gene
J Cameron, ØL Holla, JK Laerdahl, MA Kulseth, T Ranheim, T Rognes, ...
Journal of internal medicine 263 (4), 420-431, 2008
VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics. PeerJ. 2016
T Rognes, T Flouri, B Nichols, C Quince, F Mahé
October 18, e2584, 2016
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