Stein Krogstad
Stein Krogstad
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Sitert av
Open-source MATLAB implementation of consistent discretisations on complex grids
KA Lie, S Krogstad, IS Ligaarden, JR Natvig, HM Nilsen, B Skaflestad
Computational Geosciences 16, 297-322, 2012
Generalized integrating factor methods for stiff PDEs
S Krogstad
Journal of Computational Physics 203 (1), 72-88, 2005
A hierarchical multiscale method for two-phase flow based upon mixed finite elements and nonuniform coarse grids
JE Aarnes, S Krogstad, KA Lie
Multiscale Modeling & Simulation 5 (2), 337-363, 2006
Multiscale mixed/mimetic methods on corner-point grids
JE Aarnes, S Krogstad, KA Lie
Computational Geosciences 12, 297-315, 2008
MRST-AD–an open-source framework for rapid prototyping and evaluation of reservoir simulation problems
S Krogstad, KA Lie, O Møyner, HM Nilsen, X Raynaud, B Skaflestad
SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference?, D022S002R004, 2015
The application of flow diagnostics for reservoir management
O Møyner, S Krogstad, KA Lie
SPE Journal 20 (02), 306-323, 2015
A multiscale mixed finite element solver for three phase black oil flow
S Krogstad, KA Lie, HM Nilsen, JR Natvig, B Skaflestad, JE Aarnes
SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium, 2009
Nonlinear output constraints handling for production optimization of oil reservoirs
E Suwartadi, S Krogstad, B Foss
Computational Geosciences 16, 499-517, 2012
Adjoint multiscale mixed finite elements
S Krogstad, VL Hauge, AF Gulbransen
SPE Journal 16 (01), 162-171, 2011
Using sensitivities and vertical-equilibrium models for parameter estimation of CO2 injection models with application to Sleipner data
HM Nilsen, S Krogstad, O Andersen, R Allen, KA Lie
Energy Procedia 114, 3476-3495, 2017
Validation of the multiscale mixed finite‐element method
M Pal, S Lamine, KA Lie, S Krogstad
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 77 (4), 206-223, 2015
Multiscale mixed-finite-element modeling of coupled wellbore/near-well flow
S Krogstad, LJ Durlofsky
SPE Journal 14 (01), 78-87, 2009
A sparse basis POD for model reduction of multiphase compressible flow
S Krogstad
SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference?, SPE-141973-MS, 2011
A low complexity Lie group method on the Stiefel manifold
S Krogstad
BIT Numerical Mathematics 43 (1), 107-122, 2003
Decision Analysis for Long-term and Short-term Production Optimization Applied to the Voador
A Hasan, B Foss, S Krogstad, V Gunnerud, A Teixeira
SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition …, 2013
Discretisation on Complex and Polyhedral Grids–Open Source MATLAB Implementation
KA Lie, S Krogstad, IS Ligaarden, JR Natvig, HM Nilsen, B Skaflestad
ECMOR XII-12th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, cp …, 2010
Mixed multiscale methods for compressible flow
KA Lie, S Krogstad, B Skaflestad
ECMOR XIII-13th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, cp …, 2012
On enumeration problems in Lie–Butcher theory
H Munthe-Kaas, S Krogstad
Future Generation Computer Systems 19 (7), 1197-1205, 2003
Reservoir management optimization using well-specific upscaling and control switching
S Krogstad, X Raynaud, HM Nilsen
Computational Geosciences 20, 695-706, 2016
Application of flow diagnostics and multiscale methods for reservoir management
KA Lie, O Møyner, S Krogstad
SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference?, D022S002R018, 2015
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