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The social costs of nitrogen
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Increasing decision relevance of ecosystem service science
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Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands provide ecosystem service benefits that exceed land rental payment costs
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The climate sensitivity of carbon, timber, and species richness covaries with forest age in boreal–temperate North America
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Spatial targeting of floodplain restoration to equitably mitigate flood risk
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Determining socially optimal rates of nitrogen fertilizer application
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Optimizing investments in national-scale forest landscape restoration in Uganda to maximize multiple benefits
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Unpriced climate risk and the potential consequences of overvaluation in US housing markets
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Optimizing wetland restoration to improve water quality at a regional scale
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Biodiversity offsets may miss opportunities to mitigate impacts on ecosystem services
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Putting people on the map improves the prioritization of ecosystem services
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Improving flood hazard datasets using a low-complexity, probabilistic floodplain mapping approach
RM Diehl, JD Gourevitch, S Drago, BC Wemple
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Projected losses of ecosystem services in the US disproportionately affect non-white and lower-income populations
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Improving the social cost of nitrous oxide
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Inequities in the distribution of flood risk under floodplain restoration and climate change scenarios
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Quantifying the social benefits and costs of reducing phosphorus pollution under climate change
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How ecosystem services research can advance ecological economics principles
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Integrating climate change induced flood risk into future population projections
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Federal incentives for community-level climate adaptation: an evaluation of FEMA’s Community Rating System
JD Gourevitch, N Pinter
Environmental Research Letters 18 (3), 034037, 2023
Evaluating the distributional equity of ecosystem services under land use and climate change scenarios
JD Gourevitch
University of Vermont, 2021
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