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Richard E Ahl
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“Wealth makes many friends”: Children expect more giving from resource‐rich than resource‐poor individuals
RE Ahl, Y Dunham
Child development 90 (2), 524-543, 2019
Children employ wealth cues when predicting others’ sharing.
RE Ahl, S Duong, Y Dunham
Developmental psychology 55 (2), 303, 2019
Diverse effects, complex causes: children use information about Machines' functional diversity to infer internal complexity
RE Ahl, FC Keil
Child development 88 (3), 828-845, 2017
Gender and discipline in 5–12-month-old infants: A longitudinal study
RE Ahl, A Fausto-Sterling, C García-Coll, R Seifer
Infant Behavior and Development 36 (2), 199-209, 2013
Defining MCI in the Framingham Heart Study Offspring: education versus WRAT-based norms
RE Ahl, A Beiser, S Seshadri, S Auerbach, PA Wolf, R Au
Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders 27 (4), 330-336, 2013
The world within: Children are sensitive to internal complexity cues
RE Ahl, D Amir, FC Keil
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 200, 104932, 2020
Changing patterns of CAM use among prostate cancer patients two years after diagnosis: Reasons for maintenance or discontinuation
M Porter, E Kolva, R Ahl, MA Diefenbach
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Children are more forgiving of accidental harms across development
D Amir, RE Ahl, WS Parsons, K McAuliffe
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 205, 105081, 2021
Have your cake, and your asparagus, too: Young children expect variety-seeking behavior from agents with diverse desires
RE Ahl, Y Dunham
Cognitive Development 54, 100882, 2020
Having less means wanting more: Children hold an intuitive economic theory of diminishing marginal utility
RE Ahl, E Cook, K McAuliffe
Cognition 234, 105367, 2023
Tokens of virtue: Replicating incentivized measures of children’s prosocial behavior with online methods and virtual resources
RE Ahl, K Hannan, D Amir, A Baker, M Sheskin, K McAuliffe
Cognitive Development 66, 101313, 2023
Children strategically conceal selfishness
G Gonzalez, RE Ahl, S Cordes, K McAuliffe
Child Development 93 (1), e71-e86, 2022
Trustworthiness is distinct from generosity in children.
D Amir, WS Parsons, RE Ahl, K McAuliffe
Developmental Psychology 57 (8), 1318, 2021
“I know it’s complicated”: Children detect relevant information about object complexity
RE Ahl, E DeAngelis, FC Keil
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 222, 105465, 2022
It's Complicated: Children Identify Relevant Information About Causal Complexity.
R Ahl, E DeAngelis, A Stephenson, S Joo, F Keil
CogSci, 2018
Recalling experiences of scarcity reduces children’s generosity relative to recalling abundance
RE Ahl, D Amir, K McAuliffe
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 243, 105914, 2024
The emergence of cooperative behaviors, norms, and strategies across five diverse societies
D Amir, R Ahl, M Jordan, H Bolotin, M Bogese, GT González, T Callaghan, ...
OSF, 2024
Children hold an intuitive economic theory of diminishing marginal utility
R Ahl, K McAuliffe
PsyArXiv, 2022
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RE Ahl, K McAuliffe
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