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Jingchun Duan
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Atmospheric heavy metals and arsenic in China: situation, sources and control policies
J Duan, J Tan
Atmospheric Environment 74, 93-101, 2013
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Size distribution, characteristics and sources of heavy metals in haze episod in Beijing
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中国大气颗粒物重金属污染, 来源及控制建议
谭吉华, 段菁春
中国科学院研究生院学报 30 (002), 145-155, 2013
段菁春, 毕新慧, 谭吉华, 盛国英, 傅家谟
中国环境科学 26 (1), 6-10, 2006
Source apportionment of size segregated fine/ultrafine particle by PMF in Beijing
J Tan, J Duan, F Chai, K He, JM Hao
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Gas-to-particle conversion of atmospheric ammonia and sampling artifacts of ammonium in spring of Beijing
LF Wei, JC Duan, JH Tan, YL Ma, KB He, SX Wang, XF Huang, YX Zhang
Science China Earth Sciences, 1-11, 2014
肖军, 段菁春, 王华, 庄新国
安全与环境工程 10 (1), 11-14, 2003
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