Nenad Stojanović
Nenad Stojanović
SNSF Professor of Political Science, Université de Genève
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New/old constitutional engineering? Challenges and implications of the European court of human rights decision in the case of Sejdic and Finci v. BiH
E Hodzic, N Stojanovic
Analitika-Centre for Social Research, 2011
Direct democracy: A risk or an opportunity for multicultural societies? The experience of the four Swiss multilingual cantons
N Stojanovic
International Journal on Multicultural Societies 8 (2), 183-202, 2006
The idea of a Swiss nation: A critique of Will Kymlicka's account of multination states
N Stojanovic
Electoral discrimination against immigrant-origin candidates
L Portmann, N Stojanović
Political Behavior 41 (1), 105-134, 2019
The acid test? Competing theses on the nationality – democracy nexus and the case of Switzerland
P Dardanelli, N Stojanović
Nations and Nationalism 17 (2), 357-376, 2011
Une conception dynamique du principe de territorialité linguistique: la loi sur les langues du canton des Grisons
N Stojanovic
Politique et sociétés 29 (1), 231-259, 2010
Konsocijacija, Švajcarska i BiH
N Stojanović
Pregled-časopis za društvena pitanja 48 (3-4), 63-87, 2007
Political marginalization of “Others” in consociational regimes
N Stojanović
Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft 12 (2), 341-364, 2018
introduction recurrent processes in different contexts
JD Iglesias, N Stojanović, S Weinblum
Do multicultural democracies really require PR? Counterevidence from Switzerland
N Stojanović
Swiss Political Science Review 12 (4), 131-157, 2006
Dialogue sur les quotas: Penser la représentation dans une démocratie multiculturelle
N Stojanovic
Presses de Sciences Po, 2014
When is a country multinational? Problems with statistical and subjective approaches
N Stojanovic
Ratio Juris 24 (3), 267-283, 2011
How to solve the dilemma of power sharing? Formal and informal patterns of representation in the Swiss multilingual cantons
N Stojanovic
representation 44 (3), 239-253, 2008
Party, regional and linguistic proportionality under majoritarian rules: Swiss Federal Council elections
N Stojanović
Swiss Political Science Review 22 (1), 41-58, 2016
When non-nationalist voters support ethno-nationalist parties: the 1990 elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a prisoner’s dilemma game
N Stojanović
Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 14 (4), 607-625, 2014
Switzerland: challenging the big theories of nationalism1
M Helbling, N Stojanović
Nations and nationalism 17 (4), 712-717, 2011
Limits of consociationalism and possible alternatives: Centripetal effects of direct democracy in a multiethnic society
N Stojanovic
Transitions 51 (1-2), 99-114, 2011
Is democracy possible in a multilingual country? The Swiss experience and the paradox of direct democracy
N Stojanovic
Is democracy viable without a unified public opinion, 10-18, 2009
Equal Recognition, Minority Rights and Liberal Democracy: Alan Patten and His Critics
S Morales-Gálvez, N Stojanović
Routledge, 2019
Minority rights and realpolitik: Justice-based vs. pragmatic arguments for reserving seats for national minorities
M Jusić, N Stojanović
Ethnopolitics 14 (4), 404-417, 2015
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