Marco Grazzi
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Technology and costs in international competitiveness: From countries and sectors to firms
G Dosi, M Grazzi, D Moschella
Research policy 44 (10), 1795-1814, 2015
Intermediaries in International Trade: direct versus indirect modes of export
A Bernard, M Grazzi, C Tomasi
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G Dosi, M Grazzi
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G Dosi, M Grazzi, C Tomasi, A Zeli
Small Bus Econ J. DOI: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11187 …, 2012
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Financial and economic determinants of firm default
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M Grazzi
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G Domini, M Grazzi, D Moschella, T Treibich
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M Grazzi, N Jacoby, T Treibich
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M Grazzi, D Moschella
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X Yu, G Dosi, M Grazzi, J Lei
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G Dosi, M Grazzi, L Marengo, S Settepanella
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What do firms know? What do they produce? A new look at the relationship between patenting profiles and patterns of product diversification
G Dosi, M Grazzi, D Moschella
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The cost-quantity relations and the diverse patterns of “learning by doing”: Evidence from India
G Dosi, M Grazzi, N Mathew
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Turbulence underneath the big calm? Exploring the micro-evidence behind the flat trend of manufacturing productivity in Italy
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Indirect exporters and importers
M Grazzi, C Tomasi
Review of World Economics 152, 251-281, 2016
Energy, development and the environment: an appraisal three decades after the ‘limits to growth’debate
G Dosi, M Grazzi
Recent advances in neo-schumpeterian economics, 2009
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