Karyn Wilde
Karyn Wilde
Protein Labelling Specialist - National Deuteration Facility, ANSTO
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The effect of pH on the uptake and toxicity of copper and zinc in a tropical freshwater alga (Chlorella sp.)
KL Wilde, JL Stauber, SJ Markich, NM Franklin, PL Brown
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology 51 (2), 174, 2006
Toward a Biotic Ligand Model for Freshwater Green Algae:  Surface-Bound and Internal Copper Are Better Predictors of Toxicity than Free Cu2+-Ion Activity When …
KAC De Schamphelaere, JL Stauber, KL Wilde, SJ Markich, PL Brown, ...
Environmental science & technology 39 (7), 2067-2072, 2005
A comparison of copper speciation measurements with the toxic responses of three sensitive freshwater organisms
SC Apte, GE Batley, KC Bowles, PL Brown, N Creighton, LT Hales, ...
Environmental Chemistry 2 (4), 320-330, 2006
Hardness corrections for copper are inappropriate for protecting sensitive freshwater biota
SJ Markich, GE Batley, JL Stauber, NJ Rogers, SC Apte, RV Hyne, ...
Chemosphere 60 (1), 1-8, 2005
Chapter One - Robust High-Yield Methodologies for 2H and 2H/15N/13C Labeling of Proteins for Structural Investigations Using Neutron Scattering and NMR
AP Duff, KL Wilde, A Rekas, V Lake, PJ Holden
Methods in enzymology 565, 3-25, 2015
Solid‐State NMR Spectroscopy of Functional Amyloid from a Fungal Hydrophobin: A Well‐Ordered β‐Sheet Core Amidst Structural Heterogeneity
VK Morris, R Linser, KL Wilde, AP Duff, M Sunde, AH Kwan
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (50), 12621-12625, 2012
Demonstration of the use of Scenedesmus and Carteria biomass to drive bacterial sulfate reduction by Desulfovibrio alcoholovorans isolated from an artificial …
RA Russell, PJ Holden, KL Wilde, BA Neilan
Hydrometallurgy 71 (1), 227-234, 2003
Investigation of the phase morphology of bacterial PHA inclusion bodies by contrast variation SANS
RA Russell, PJ Holden, CJ Garvey, KL Wilde, KM Hammerton, LJ Foster
Physica B: Condensed Matter 385, 859-861, 2006
Seasonal changes of redox potential and microbial activity in two agricultural soils of tropical Australia: some implications for soil-to-plant transfer of radionuclides
JR Twining, M Zaw, R Russell, K Wilde
Journal of environmental radioactivity 76 (1), 265-272, 2004
High yield expression and efficient purification of deuterated human protein galectin-2
X Chen, KL Wilde, H Wang, V Lake, PJ Holden, APJ Middelberg, L He, ...
Food and bioproducts processing 90 (3), 563-572, 2012
Structure and Characterisation of a Key Epitope in the Conserved C-Terminal Domain of the Malaria Vaccine Candidate MSP2
J Seow, RAV Morales, CA MacRaild, B Krishnarjuna, S McGowan, ...
Journal of Molecular Biology 429 (6), 836-846, 2017
Production and use of deuterated polyhydroxyoctanoate in structural studies of PHO inclusions
RA Russell, PJ Holden, KL Wilde, KM Hammerton, LJR Foster
Journal of biotechnology 132 (3), 303-305, 2007
In vivo deuteration strategies for neutron scattering analysis of bacterial polyhydroxyoctanoate
RA Russell, PJ Holden, KL Wilde, CJ Garvey, KM Hammerton, LJR Foster
European Biophysics Journal 37 (5), 711-715, 2008
Transfer of radioactive caesium, strontium and zinc from soil to sorghum and mung beans under field conditions in tropical northern Australia
J Twining, P Shotton, K Tagami, T Payne, T Itakura, R Russell, K Wilde, ...
Classification of soil systems on the basis of transfer factors of …, 2006
Final report on a field study of soil-to-plant transfer of radioactive caesium, strontium and zinc in tropical Northern Australia to the IAEA/FAO/IUR CRP on classification of …
JR Twining, P Shotton, K Tagami, TE Payne, T Itakura, RA Russell, ...
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, 2003
Towards a Biotic Ligand Model for Green Algae: Surface-bound Copper Predicts the Effect of pH on Copper Toxicity
K De Schamphelaere, J STAUBER, K WILDE, S MARKICH, P BROWN, ...
8th ICOBTE (international conference on the biogeochemistry of trace elements), 2005
Initial evaluations of the use of microbial measures to quantify impact of acid rock drainage on the Finniss River (east branch)
PJ Holden, KL Wilde, DJ Stone, EA Ben-David, LJ Foster
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